Look Inside John Travolta’s Mansion in Maine, Which He’s Selling for $5 Million

John Travolta has put his home in Maine on the market and it was listed for $5 million.

Back in 1999, John and his late wife Kelly Preston were interviewed by Architectural Digest for a feature on the home and they said that before they renovated it, the house was “very dark and somber,” “almost spooky.”

Kelly said, “John and I came in and redid everything—carpets, furniture—in cream and eggshell. If you need to do it quickly, go white.” The renovation was done in 60 days!

The 11,000-square-foot home features 22 bedrooms and they turned the entire third floor into a “magical children’s space.” Included were a princess room, a Peter Pan room, an airplane room, a stage for performances, and more.

“We did everything, just the two of us,” Kelly said. “One time we flew in for a day with thirty fabric swatches that Johnny and I had numbered. There was no electricity, the sun was going down, and there we were, looking at all the furniture we’d bought piled in the living room, saying, ‘What do you think about the couch? How about number three? And four, no, maybe sixteen for those two chairs.’ Everything had to be decided before it got dark. It was madness—but so much fun.”

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