Louisiana Man Used Grindr to Kidnap, Torture Gay Men, Prosecutors Say

A Louisiana man has been charged over claims he used Grindr to prey on unsuspecting gay men — one of whom he’s accused of gruesomely torturing … almost to the point of death.

The suspect’s name is Chance Seneca, who was arrested last summer over the alleged incidents — which authorities say amount to 3 total … an attempted kidnapping and two actual kidnappings … one of which prosecutors claim led to an 18-year-old getting choked and having his wrists sawed down to the bone in what sounds like a horror movie.

According to newly released docs that go into the gory details, obtained by The Daily Advertiser, prosecutors allege Seneca — who’s 19 himself — confessed to using Grindr as a “hunting ground” to lure young gay men to his father’s home, where he allegedly said he had planned to kill them and use their body parts as “trophies” and “food.”

Prosecutors say on June 19, Seneca attempted to kidnap one man he’d met on Grindr but failed — only to successfully kidnap another later that night. It’s unclear what Seneca might’ve done to that guy, but the next day … he allegedly picked up his 3rd and final victim.

That would be Holden White of Kaplan, LA — whose name has been publicly released and whose family has been attempting to raise money, saying he’s lost the use of his hands.

As for what Seneca allegedly did … it’s horrifying. Prosecutors say Seneca picked up Holden and took him to his dad’s property … where they’d be alone. Once there, prosecutors say Seneca got Holden to handcuff himself, and then pulled a gun on him.

He then allegedly brought him to the bathroom, where prosecutors say he strangled Holden from behind until he passed out … only to place him in the bathtub and proceed to hack away at his wrists with a knife — until he stopped when he saw bone and freaked.

Seneca came to his senses, calling the cops on himself and allegedly tried getting admitted to a mental institution. Holden came to at one point, and Seneca allegedly said, “let go… I’m setting you free.” Officers finally arrived and saw the bloody mess.

Holden was taken to a hospital, and Seneca was arrested. On a state level, he’s facing an attempted murder charge and a hate crime charge — he’s pled not guilty to the former. Federally, he’s facing more … another hate crime charge, kidnapping charges and others.

If convicted, Seneca is facing a lot of time in prison — upwards of 25 years at least.

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