Love Island viewers mock Joanna’s treatment of Amber

Love Island viewers mock Joanna as Amber’s sexy lap dance makes Michael’s heart race the most (despite her poking fun at her love rival and calling her tears ‘annoying’)

Love Island viewers were outraged by some of Joanna Chimonides’ behaviour on Wednesday night’s episode of Love Island. 

The girls were tasked with dressing up and putting on a sexy dance for the boys to see whose heart rate was raised the most and vice versa.  

When it came to 21-year-old Amber Gill’s turn to dance for the boys,  fans noticed that Joanna, 22, was mocking her with her facial expressions. 

Mocking her: Love Island viewers noted Joanna (centre) poking fun at Amber’s sexy lap dance even though she made Michael’s heart race the most

Heartbroken: Joanna even called Amber’s tears earlier on in the day, ‘annoying’

Then, when it was Joanna’s turn to dance, she crawled along the floor for Michael, but Amber merely did a little shimmy.

She had said: ‘My technique was to just use the props, use the assets, dance a bit. Give them equal amounts of attention and then there’s no arguments.’  

Fans tweeted: ‘The funniest bit is that Joanna laughed at Amber dancing and yet her mans heartbeat was still raised the most by her.’

Amber said: ‘My technique was to just use the props, use the assets, dance a bit. Give them equal amounts of attention and then there’s no arguments’

Wow! Michael’s face was a picture when he saw Amber coming out in her sexy get-up

Not so into it: Joanna’s dance was also pretty sexy, but sadly not enough to excite Michael as much as his ex did 

‘Joanna did the most with all that crawling and all Amber had to do walk by Michael #loveisland.’ 

Others posted a picture of Michael’s face when he saw Amber and wrote: ‘EVEN MICHAEL KNEW THAT HE DIDNT STAND A CHANCE WHEN AMBER CAME OUT #LoveIsland.’

However, Amber herself had to break it to Michael that she raised his heart rate the most out of all the girls, leading Joanna to look very uncomfortable indeed.  

Karma: Fans tweeted how hilarious they found it that Michael was into Amber more than Joanna after cruelling dumping her – especially given that Joanna had been so mean to Amber 

You WHAT? Others were shocked that Joanna thought it appropriate to say she found Amber’s tears ‘annoying’

What’s more, earlier on in the show, Amber had broken down in tears when discussing her feelings for Michael and had been trying to hide her emotions.

But Joanna cruelly told Michael she found Amber’s tears ‘annoying when she’s sitting right there.’ 

Fans tweeted: ‘Do Michael and Joanna have anything else in common besides from their dislike of Amber???? Bc it seems to be all they talk about #LoveIsland.’

‘Joanna’s about to ban Michael from looking in Ambers direction. And Mr Bite my tongue will say yes ma’am. #LoveIsland.’

‘Joanna’s saying that Amber crying is “annoying”?? Have some sympathy you inconsiderate pr***.’  

She’s got it going on: Amber chatted in the Beach Hut about her plan of action on the night 

Bondage: For Michael’s get-up, he wore a kind of He-Man inspired ensemble

Hand to her mouth: Amber seemed rather taken aback by Michael’s look

Woah! Michael placed a leg up by Amber’s side as he grinded in front of his ex 

You’re not fooling anybody: He then moved over to Joanna as he grinded up against her and then kissed her passionately 


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