‘MacGyver’ Stunt Coordinator Suffers Head Injury on Set

Stunt coordinator Justin Sundquist (not pictured), who works on the CBS show MacGyver, sustained a “head injury while performing a stunt that resulted in him falling off a moving vehicle,” THR is reporting. He’s in a medically induced coma and in the hospital at this time.

“We have learned about an injury to stunt coordinator Justin Sundquist that occurred late Monday on the set of MacGyver in Atlanta,” CBS TV Studios said in a statement. “The production team is cooperating with the authorities investigating the accident, and our primary concern at this time is Justin’s health and well-being.”

If you don’t know, the stunt coordinator is usually the person on set responsible for the safety of the stunts, not the person performing the stunts.

Just last year, Justin sued CBS Corp. and CBS TV Studios for an injury on the set of Hawaii Five-0. The issue was settled outside of court.

Our thoughts are with Justin and his friends, family, and loved ones during this time.

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