Machine Gun Kelly on “Smashing” Halsey, his Beef with Eminem and Mac Miller

Machine Gun Kelly appeared on The Breakfast Club today and covered a lot of topics. Some of the highlights of the online (uncensored) interview were – 

  • MGK confirmed that he “smashed” Halsey, but for the first time suggested that it was before she was seeing G-Eazy.
  • The rapper said that he actually apologized to Eminem’s people – because Eminem was not reachable – about his comment years ago relating to Em’s daughter Haley, and even removed the comment that he tweeted about her from his Twitter feed. He also claimed that he did not know that Haley Jade was underaged when he called her “hot as f**k.” But, at the time, he refused to make a public apology.
  • What really has fired Machine Gun Kelly up about Eminem is MGK’s belief that Em has limited his career. MGK’s reasoning is that because they are both signed to Interscope, a label where Eminem’s people have huge influence, MGK’s has been repeatedly cut off from opportunities as a younger artist because it is known that Em doesn’t like him.
  • MGK would not speak about the recent incident where he was verbally attacked by an Eminem fan while in a restaurant in Atlanta.
  • MGK feels that “Killshot” was “cheesy”.
  • When asked about the feelings from some that the whole beef with Eminem was a “ploy that Interscope is using to help you sell records,” Machine Gun Kelly laughed and said “Ah, man, that would be great. That would be a big help.” He clearly does not believe it.
  • MGK also answered the rumor that the beef was somehow “staged” because Eminem and he both list one person’s name (Ronnie J) in common as a credit on their tracks (Ronnie J, a pretty well known producer, had a credit both on Eminem’s Kamikaze, and on “Rap Devil”). Basically, MGK responded by saying that this was his way of competing with Eminem – “[Em] used a Ronnie J track, I used a Ronnie J track.”
  • MGK acknowledge his own heavy drug use, but really didn’t want to discuss it on air, out of respect for his friend Mac Miller’s death.

MGK’s diss track, “Rap Devil,” has been No. 1 on iTunes since it’s release. His new EP Binge will be released tomorrow.

You can listen to the entire interview below.

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