Machine Gun Kelly Releases ‘Binge’ EP:  Stream It Now

Machine Gun Kelly seems to be doing everything that he possibly can to take advantage of the buzz around his beef with rap icon Eminem, and that includes releasing his recently announced EP Binge, which went on sale today. With only one featured artist guesting on any of the tracks (singer 24hrs), this is mostly straightforward MGK with beats focusing on drug use, partying, hard living, the rap business, and of course his feud with Eminem in the diss track, “Rap Devil.”

That said, MGK seemed unwilling to really talk about the main themes of drug use and partying during his interview yesterday on The Breakfast Club. When asked to talk about what the main messages are on his EP, MGK said “Absolutely not, it’s called ‘Binge’,” indicating that out of respect for his friend Mac Miller’s recent passing he was not really comfortable with the timing of talking about drug use on the radio yet.

After The Breakfast Club‘s hosts tried to push him by asking if he’s slowed down on his own heavy drug use, MGK continued to stonewall. Eventually he said, “The truth of the matter [on] that might have come with explaining the EP … Other than the obvious breakdown … I’m not gonna [talk about] it out of respect for Mac.”

So it seems like the rapper who likes to refer to himself as ‘Kells’ is pretty conflicted on the subject. He wants to avoid talking about drug use on the radio right now, but he doesn’t mind putting out an EP that seems to glorify it …

Regardless, you can stream MGK’s new EP below.

(Image source: Machine Gun Kelly Instagram account)

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