Marissa & The Heartbreakers impressed the ‘World Of Dance’ judges & brought something to the stage we haven’t seen another act do. Marissa talks to HL about the empowerment that comes with dancing in heels.

Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and so many more of the best and most popular performers dance and sing in heels. Whether it’s during their Las Vegas residency show or their world tour, these artists put on a full show — doing full out choreography in sometimes 6-inch stilettos. Marissa & The Heartbreakers, a dance crew from Los Angeles, has brought to light to immense talent it takes to dance in heels, by using that technique on World Of Dance this season and blowing the judges away. However, it’s not only their talent that is evident when their dance in their high heels, but also their pride in the female body and what it can do. “Women empowerment is such a hot topic and it has been for the past year now, but for me and the women that I am in The Heartbreakers with, it has always been a present,” Marissa Heart of Marissa & The Heartbreakers told HollywoodLife in an exclusive interview. “We have the opportunity on World of Dance to express ourselves and inspire other women to be unapologetic, to be fearless, and to empower one another and to be unapologetic about it. Getting to spread that awareness is something that was so special to all of us.”

In their Qualifiers, Marissa and her crew slayed their performance to “Love So Soft” by Kelly Clarkson, to further their message of female empowerment. “Women give everything, they give all of themselves, Whether it’s to our person, our career, or our family. We give ourselves fully,” Marissa explained. “But ‘Love So Soft’ is also saying, yes, we can love so hard and we can give our all, but also, in that, there can be moments of vulnerability, and there can be moments of insecurity and feeling a bit defeated at times, but that’s what makes being a woman so beautiful.”

Tune in tonight to World of Dance on NBC at 8 PM to see Marissa & the Heartbreakers battle it out against the Poreotics.

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