Max Lomas, Who Discovered Bobbi Kristina Unconscious In Her Bathtub, Has Died

TMZ reports that Max Lomas died from a suspected overdose. He was only 25. Max Lomas was the alleged drug dealer who, along with her unofficial adopted brother/fiancé/shady character Nick Gordon, discovered Bobbi Kristina Brown in the bathtub of her Alpharetta, GA home on January 31, 2015. Bobbi was put into an induced coma and tragically died of lobar pneumonia six months later.

Max Lomas was found unresponsive in the bathroom of a friend’s house in Mississippi on Wednesday and later died in a local hospital. His friends reportedly grew worried when he hadn’t returned from a visit to the bathroom and found him unconscious with a syringe nearby.

Max had lived with Bobbi and Nick on-and-off. He admitted to People in 2016 that the three of them were “all pretty bad into drugs.”

Whitney Houston’s estate accused Bobbi’s fiancé Gordon of administering a “toxic cocktail” to her that contributed to her death in July of 2015. Police stated that there was no evidence that drugs or alcohol caused the incident, according to Wikipedia, and he was never charged with anything. Gordon did lose a wrongful death civil suit brought against him by Bobbi’s family in 2016 and a judge ordered him to pay 36 million (of Bobbi’s money?) to her family. As of November of that year, no one had gotten paid. In addition to being suspected of shady shit, you may remember Nick from his ultra-messy Dr. Phil interview in the spring of 2016.

Is there anyone involved with Whitney Houston’s story who has managed to escape unscathed? Has Whitney’s tax attorney or her gardener gone on to live a long, happy life?

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