Meet ‘Power Rangers Beast Morphers’ Star Liana Ramirez With 10 Fun Facts!

Liana Ramirez is kicking butt on the newest Power Rangers television series, Beast Morphers!

The up and coming actress stars as Roxy in the new series, which airs on Saturdays @ 8AM on Nickelodeon.

Set in the future, and a secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called Morph-X with Animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus bent on taking over the source of all ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself!

Get to know Liana more with these 10 Fun Facts:

  • I have been acting for 6 amazing years.
  • I am about to become a published author with my debut novel “The Secrets Within Me.”
  • I am terrified of heights. Even ladders freak me out.
  • I have probably over 5,000 freckles!
  • I am definitely a crazy cat lady, but I do love all kinds of animals.
  • I can’t live without music!
  • My younger 12 year old brother is my only sibling. His name is Jentzen Ramirez and he is also an actor.
  • I graduated high school at age 16.
  • My dreams roles include playing a superhero and Snow White.
  • If I wasn’t an actress I would probably want to be a stunt double or screenwriter.

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