Meghan Markle Reportedly Banned From London Marathon, Thinks Aides Are Lying, Per ‘Radar Online’

Meghan was told she can’t run in the London Marathon, and she thinks the aides are lying to her about the reason why,

Meghan Markle reportedly wanted to participate in the London Marathon because it would be a “no brainer,” considering she could help raise millions of dollars for charity in the process. However, she’s been told that she can’t participate, and she thinks the reasons that are being given to her are lies.

The duchess also apparently wanted to run the marathon to prove a point to her dad, who has been loudly criticizing her new royal life via media outlets. This is how a source described it, according to Radar Online.

“She was especially intent on doing it after her father embarrassed her again by saying she is being trapped and ordered around by the royals in the same way Diana was.”

Unfortunately, if she’s unable to run in the marathon, it looks like her dad could be partially right about the new restrictions on her life and choices due to her royal status.

The reason that aides gave Meghan for her ban is security.

“She has been told it is because of security – but knows the real reason is because royal protocol dictates that it is unseemly for senior royals to be seeing sweating away in workout gear with a public mob.”

The ban is also reportedly not up for discussion.

Meghan tried to offer solutions to all of the supposed issues that her aides cited for the reasons she can’t run in the marathon. One idea was to allow her to run with security, who would also participate alongside her. That idea was nixed.

Also, Meghan suggested letting her run in a special lane for just part of the marathon in order to raise money for charity. That idea was also shut down.

So after all that, Meghan seemingly came to her own conclusion, that the reason behind the ban was nothing to do with security.

Arguably, the attendance of Meghan at an event like the London Marathon would certainly create a lot of buzz and increased attendance, and could be a security nightmare.

The duchess and Prince Harry are known to care deeply about charitable causes. From causes ranging from youth empowerment to fighting stigma associated with AIDS, Harry has been active in many causes. Notably, the couple asked for donations to charity instead of gifts for their wedding, according to Bustle.

So although there may be great reasons behind Meghan running the marathon, it looks unlikely to happen.

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