Melania Trump Called A ‘Hoebag’ By Oregon Congressional Candidate & Twitter Defends Her

Politician Mark Roberts rudely attacked First Lady Melania Trump, calling her a ‘hoebag’ and ‘dirty’ totally unprompted on Twitter. See his offensive tweets and the angered responses from voters here.

The words “Trump” and “Twitter” together usually conjures up an image of the president typing furiously in his pajamas, but they mean something different today. Congressional candidate Mark Roberts (OR-I) bizarrely compared First Lady Melania Trump to a prostitute on July 30 on Twitter, completely unprompted. “Did you know the First Lady works by the hour? #thinkdirty #hoebag”, he tweeted in response to a tweet from Charlie Kirk. Kirk, the president of conservative group Turning Point USA had tweeted out figures about the number of staffers Trump has compared to former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Roberts’ grossly sexist tweet drew criticism from his followers, who leapt to the first lady’s defense. “The measure of a person can be said to be the way they treat those that they disagree with. If this is indicative of who this man is, it reveals a disdain for women. If you’re not offended, ask yourself if the same was tweeted regarding your daughters/mother/etc., would you be…,” one person tweeted. “What an abhorrent thing to say- underscores that you are not fit for public office,” wrote a follower, with another chiming in with, “Sorry but even the President shouldn’t be judged if he went and kicked the sh*t out of this guy.” Truly, the hottest take.

Roberts has refused to take down the tweet and fired back at detractors who wanted Twitter to suspend his account. “It’s that whole 1st amendment thing,” he tweeted alongside a screenshot of Twitter’s terms of service. Yikes. Roberts has a storied history of shocking and sexist tweets, aimed at fellow politicians and public figures. “#NickiHaley very hot,” he once tweeted about the UN Ambassador and former governor of South Carolina. He tweeted that Senator Kamala Harris (CA-D) was “hot, tough & smart” and hit on Marie Osmond: “Marie are you as hot in person as you are in the nutrisystem commercial?”

He also went after Donald Trump in a transphobic tweet. He responded to a tweet from Fox & Friends that featured a video of the president and the first lady being interviewed on the program, with, “It looks like he’s morphing into a woman, get that man a haircut and non fat chocolate cake!” While many are offended by Roberts’ tweet about the first lady, others are (rightfully) pointing out that her husband is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to sexist and gross comments and tweets. If you blocked Roberts’ name from the tweet and said that Trump wrote it, it’d be completely believable. The Trumps haven’t commented on the tweets yet, but Donald Trump Jr., Melania’s stepson, is getting flack for his response.

The first son tweeted, “Imagine if a conservative tweeted this. Imagine if anyone said this horrific statement about Michelle Obama. Their life would ruined and account deactivated. Twitter is becoming a platform for hate against conservatives @jack.” Slight problem: Roberts IS conservative. He proudly states it in his Twitter bio. Try again, buddy.


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