Melania Trump Thinks Body Double Rumors Are ‘Absolutely Hilarious,’ Per ‘Hollywood Life’

Melania reportedly thinks that people have an “unhealthy obsession” with her husband, and laughed at the conspiracy theories.

Melania Trump is under tons of scrutiny all the time, which isn’t too surprising considering she is the First Lady. But even Melania is “constantly amazed” by the conspiracy theories that pop up about her. According to a source that spoke with the Hollywood Reporter, Melania finds the latest “body double” conspiracy theories to be “absolutely hilarious.”

“Melania thinks all the body double and cloning speculation and rumors are absolutely hilarious. Melania wishes there was a clone version of herself that she could send out in place of her, while she lay sunning herself on a beautiful beach somewhere, but sadly, there’s not.”

And the body double conspiracy theory is hardly the only one around. Some even think that Melania is a Russian spy, while others believe she got a face-lift.

The latest body double conspiracy theory was fueled by a video of her and the president getting on Air Force One in Ohio on August 24. Some Twitter users took to the platform to express their certainty that the woman in the video was not Melania. People pointed out that her hair looked like it was a different color earlier in the day, while others claimed that her shirt looked different.

Other conspiracy theorists said that her body language was not the same as “usual,” while another said that her face in general looked different than what they were used to seeing.

For Melania, all of these conspiracies are proof that people are too obsessed with their family.

“Melania also believes that people have an unhealthy obsession with everything Donald, which goes above and beyond his presidency, and that they spend far too much time obsessing about him, and everyone around him—and that the world would be a far better place if people spent less time fixated on the Trump family.”

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the world will become less fixated on their family, at least while Trump is in office. And although the source didn’t mention the world’s fixation on Melania and her personal relationship with Donald, that’s certainly something that many people are constantly thinking about. There have been many rumors about a possible divorce after Donald leaves office, while some people believe that Melania has distanced herself from her husband in the wake of the Stormy Daniels scandal.

And back in May when Melania disappeared from the public eye following a routine kidney operation, the Internet went crazy trying to “figure out” where the First Lady went. Unfortunately, all of the speculation and conjecture is just all in a day’s life for the First Lady.

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