Mighty Ducks star Shaun Weiss celebrates 170 days of sobriety

Mighty Ducks star Shaun Weiss celebrates 170 days of sobriety… as his pal starts GoFundMe to get him new teeth after years of meth use

  • Weiss continues to look healthier and had put on weight since his gaunt mugshot days
  • A GoFundMe for his treatment is now raising funds to restore his teeth after he lost them due to his drug abuse 
  •  He was arrested January 26 for burglary and then ordered to receive treatment for meth addiction after his release from jail  
  • Weiss is currently at a sober living facility and taking outpatient therapy 
  • Actor, 41, played the role of Goldberg in the hockey-themed Disney films

The Mighty Ducks actor Shaun Weiss has been making steady improvements since seeking treatment for an addiction to meth. 

Now the 41-year-old former child actor has just celebrated a milestone of 170 days of sobriety, according to TMZ. 

Unfortunately however, after years of drug abuse Weiss’ teeth have been destroyed, but the actor has a helping hand in getting the much needed dental work. 

Looking good! Mighty Ducks actor Shaun Weiss, 41, looked better than he had in years after celebration 170 days sober on June 29. He’s now raising money to replace all his teeth, which he lost due to years of meth addiction; pictured with his friend Drew Gallagher

In a new photo Weiss appears noticeably healthier with some added weight as he poses with his friend who started the financing campaign for his recovery. 

Drew Gallagher, who launched the GoFundMe, shared the updated photo to the campaign’s page on June 29.

‘First lunch out in his new sober-living setup! We need to raise more months rent for this place, but look at how he’s thriving! This new chapter is a bit scary for him but he looks and feels better than ever!’ he wrote.

Weiss wasn’t as thin in the photo and appeared more youthful than in previous snaps.

He was dressed simply in a blue–gray tank top with large black sunglasses, and he had a blue surgical mask down around his neck.

On the mend: Shaun looked healthier than he had in years in this photo from late March. He had been receiving treatment for a meth addiction since being jailed in January

Gallagher added an update about his friend’s need for new chompers later the same day.

‘Any Dentist willing to help Weiss that’s our current biggest need. He has no teeth and it’s an added discomfort I’m trying to alleviate.’

According to the American Dental Association, methamphetamine use can lead to severe tooth decay and cause teeth to break or fall out.

While the drug is acidic and can wear down tooth enamel, meth can also lead to spells of dry mouth, which increase the likelihood of tooth decay, and the psychological effects of meth can lead users to go without regular brushing or proper dental care.

Weiss’ GoFundMe has raised more than $10,000 as of July 5, against a goal of $25,000  

Shocking: In recent mug shots Weiss (here in January), looked extremely gaunt and disheveled. He was living on the streets and suffering from numerous health issues

The actor, who played Goldberg in Disney’s hockey-themed Mighty Ducks films, was previously pictured with his friend in late March looking healthier than he had in years.

In recent mug shots Weiss, who had been living on the streets, looked shockingly gaunt and disheveled after years of drug use. 

But since his arrest for burglary in January, Weiss has been on the road to recovery after being ordered to seek treatment.

In a photo shared by pal Gallagher on March 26, as the two caught up over breakfast last month, Weiss looked to be in great shape and has put on a bit of weight.

‘SHAUN WEISS UPDATE: Shaun is in a great new facility and is thriving! THATS the most important thing.’ Gallagher wrote in a Facebook post.

Sources told TMZ that Weiss had been moved to a new rehab facility due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

He suffers from diabetes so it was too much of a risk to keep with the main population of the treatment center in case he caught COVID-19.  

How he was: Weiss was in better shape in April 2015 when he signed autographs with his Mighty Ducks castmates at a New Jersey expo

Weiss finally got the help he desperately needed last month after he was released from jail and ordered by a Yuba County, California judge to complete a 90-day rehab program following a week-long detox at a center in Orange County, California.

Sources said at the time that the plan is for the Montvale, New Jersey native to finish an outpatient program and take part in a sober house program until he’s cleared to stay in a sober living home.

According to TMZ, executives with an unnamed television series helped coordinate Weiss’s stint at the costly rehab facility. (A Mighty Ducks reboot is in production with Disney+.)

Downward spiral: Weiss is seen here in a mug shot from August 2018 after an arrest for public intoxication. On the right he is seen at PaleyFest in 2011

Disney flick: Weiss is pictured in 1992 movie The Mighty Ducks 

Weiss was taken into custody January 26 in connection with residential burglary and being under the influence of meth, and held on $52,500 bail, according to a release from the Marysville Police Department. 

Police said that a resident in Marysville, California, a community about 125 miles northwest of San Francisco, contacted them after discovering Weiss on their property.

Responding officers said Weiss broke a window to slip into the vehicle he was found hiding in, in the garage of the home.

Franchise: Weiss’ character was known for his love of flatulence and food and he was significantly larger and and fuller-faced than others on the team. Pictured here in the D2 follow-up in 1994 (far right)

Weiss, who was arrested on the spot, ‘displayed symptoms of being under the influence of methamphetamine,’ police said. The actor told police that he was trespassing and broke into the vehicle that was not his.

The actor has been plagued with drug and legal problems the past few years, as he was also arrested in connection with public intoxication in August 2018 in Oroville, California. He was also arrested for shoplifting in December 201.

Before that, in 2017, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail after he was arrested in connection with meth possession in Burbank, California. 

Flashback: Weiss (R) appeared with Matt Doherty in 1994’s D2: The Mighty Ducks

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