Miley Cyrus Goes Off On Liam Hemsworth For Scaring Her In New Video: You ‘F***ing C***’ — ‘I Hate You’

Yikes! Miley Cyrus let Liam Hemsworth have it on Aug. 30, after he pulled yet ANOTHER prank on her in an effort to terrorize her. Watch it, here!

Liam Hemsworth may want to pump the brakes on the constant pranks he pulls on fiancee Miley Cyrus because after his latest stunt, she went off on him, calling him a “f***ing c***” and telling how much she “hates” him. In an Instagram video posted by The Hunger Games star, 28, on Friday, Aug. 31, Liam can be seen smiling at the camera before scaring the crap out of Miley with an unexpected yell in the dark. “You f***ing c***. I hate you so … ”, the 25-year-old “Can’t Be Tamed” singer tells Liam before realizing he’s filming the surprising scare. “Aw, Liam! He is so f***ing annoying.”

Liam then turns the camera back on himself and says, “That was a harsh one.” You think?! After posting the video on Instagram Friday afternoon, Liam captioned the clip with: “Please excuse Miley’s foul language. Got her good on this one. Almost felt bad … almost.” Yikes! We wonder what it’s going to take for Liam to actually feel bad for how bad he’s scaring Miley. Fortunately, she seems to be taking each scare in stride, but after time, we can only imagine these pranks will become annoying to her. Right?

Please excuse Miley’s foul language. Got her good on this one. Almost felt bad…almost ?

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As we’ve mentioned, this isn’t the first time Liam’s pulled a prank like this on Miley. Just two days before posting this video, Liam shared a video of himself slamming on his brakes while Miley was in the passenger’s seat. He had no reason to slam on his brakes other than the fact that he wanted to startle his fiancee. And it worked! But don’t let this turn you against Liam. He’s actually a pretty sweet guy, too. On Aug. 28, he posted a picture of himself with Miley and their dogs. “Strolls with my girls,” he wrote. Cute, right?

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