Molly-Mae Hague 'targeted by explicit chants' at Tommy Fury's match

Molly-Mae Hague ‘forced to endure vile explicit chants about her sexual preferences’ while supporting beau Tommy Fury at his boxing match

Molly-Mae Hague was reportedly forced to endure explicit chants about her sexual preferences while supporting beau Tommy Fury at his boxing match on Saturday.

The Love Island star, 22, cheered for her boyfriend, 22, during his victorious bout against Jordan Grant at the Telford Arena. 

However some sports fans tried to shake the boxer by chanting sexual taunts about his girlfriend and shouting ‘your bird is too good for you,’ reports The Sun.

Vile: Molly-Mae Hague was forced to endure ‘explicit chants about her sexual preferences’ while supporting Tommy Fury at his boxing match in Telford on Saturday, it has been reported

Other phrases thought to have been directed at the boxer included ‘Molly is too good for you, your bird is to fit for you’ as well as mentions of nemesis Jake Paul. 

The chanting is then said to have turned more explicit, with Tommy managing to remain professional and ignore the attacks. 

After Tommy was declared champion, with an end score of 40-36, his father John Fury is said to have praised his son for ‘overcoming the vile comments’.

Tommy’s dad told ‘Tommy had him [Jordan Grant] in a bit of trouble. 

Winner: The Love Island star, 22, was declared champion but  some sports fans are thought to have tried to shake him by chanting sexual taunts about his girlfriend

‘I was happy with it but the first round was horrendous because the crowd were shouting obscenities as Tommy walked to the ring.

‘It half put him off the job, it took him a round to settle into it. Because when you hear stuff like that coming into the ring is diabolical.’

And seeming to brush off any of the jibes, Molly-Mae also stayed at the end of the match to give interviews and take some snaps with fans.   

MailOnline has contacted Molly-Mae and Tommy’s representatives for comment.

Strong couple: Molly-Mae, 22, shared several updates to Instagram throughout Saturday and cheered for her beau as she watched the match ringside

‘Well done my champ’: She proudly celebrated Tommy’s win with her social media fans, appearing to brush off any of the chants at the arena

The boxer has been embroiled in an escalating feud with YouTuber Jake Paul over recent weeks, with Molly-Mae recently lashing out after Jake unveiled an Instagram direct message he has claimed she sent to him.

Jake, 24, claimed she messaged him before finding fame on Love Island in a message dated 15 October, 2018, which read: ‘Might be coming to America later this year and have always been a fan of your videos. Maybe you can show me around?’.

However Molly-Mae immediately shot back, writing on Twitter: ‘Times must be hard when you’re having to fake a DM…. photoshop is scary.’ 

Molly-Mae proudly supported her beau on Saturday, revealing on Instagram that she had been joined by her best friend Maura Higgins in the stalls.

There for him: The blonde beauty ensured she was the first person to greet Tommy after the match

She shared a photo of her and Maura, 30, who was rocking a quirky white and black ensemble, holding hands as they waited for Tommy to enter the ring.

The blonde beauty also shared a snap of the boxing ring with her social media fans, as did Maura, who wrote: ‘Come on champ,’ across her post in support of Tommy, who is the younger brother of boxing icon Tyson Fury.

Tommy spent much of last week hyping up his match against Scottish boxer Jordan on social media, and will no doubt be overjoyed by his win. 

It comes after Molly-Mae called her boyfriend Tommy her ‘husband’ in a romantic video she shared on TikTok on Thursday.

The reality star and her partner were lying on the couch in the clip with Molly-Mae writing: ‘Give your husband your hand and see what he does with it. 

Impressive: Tommy’s win marked the sixth victory of his professional career

In the zone: After weeks of preparation, Tommy appeared focused as he stepped into the ring 

Molly-Mae then filmed herself giving the boxer her hand as he squeezed it and wrote: ‘Took it STRAIGHT away’.

The influencer then made a face at the camera and wrote: ‘Tehe’.   

Alongside the video, she wrote: ‘That’s my besss frennn’. 

The couple have been going from strength to strength since meeting on Love Island in 2019 and moving in together shortly after making their relationship official. 

Back in April, Tommy told his 3.3 million followers that he was going to put a ring on his girlfriend Molly-Mae’s finger ‘sooner than you think’.  

When asked by a follower: ‘When are you going to put a ring on Molly-Mae?’

The reality star responded: ‘Sooner than you think’. 

Girl gang: Maura Higgins accompanied Molly-Mae to the match, with the star sipping on a large glass of wine during the festivities

Best friends: Molly revealed and Maura held hands as they waited for the match to start

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