Moon Angell: Who is Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Fiancee?

On Wednesday, in a shocking teaser clip, Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman proposed to Moon Angell, his controversial girlfriend.

But who is Moon Angell? Here is everything that there is to know about the woman Duane’s children say is destroying their fragile family.

Before we delve into the mysteries of Moon Angell, let’s take a moment to relive that proposal.

In a teaser video for Doctor Oz, Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman defends his relationship with Moon.

Seven months after the passing of his late wife, Beth, Duane has latched onto this woman for comfort.

And on the teasher, he asks her for her hand in marriage.

At one point, Oz himself asks if Duane was at risk of committing suicide as he wallowed in grief after Beth’s passing.

“I am a lot happier with her around,” the reality star describes with a shaky voice, appearing to refer to his new relationship with Moon.

Acknowledging the animosity that she faces from Duane’s family, Moon says: “I have lots of enemies right now.”

“Moon Angell,” Duane asks in a startling moment, “will you marry me?”

Now, we don’t see Moon’s answer, of course. We won’t until the episode airs next week.

But we’re not totally in the dark about Moon herself. This teaser was not the first time that she has come up.

She has known Duane for 30 years. 

Moon was also the Maid of Honor at Duane and Beth’s wedding in 2006.

It was Little Lyssa who blew the lid off of Duane’s relationship with Moon.

His adult daughter posted a series of tweets decrying Moon, though not initially naming her.

According to Lyssa, Moon dated one of Duane’s sons before she ever dated Duane.

Also according to Lyssa, Moon has moved her own belongings into a closet previously occupied by Beth’s things. It was a shock to her.

According to LinkedIn, Moon began working for the Chapman family 21 years ago.

Her professional role is described as a “Hollywood Executive/Personal Assistant/Denver Dog House Merch Store/DTBH Facebook.”

In other words, she was a personal assistant who did a little bit of everything for the family.

That included everything from managing things with their reality TV ventures to cleaning up around the house.

Lyssa is not the only Chapman daughter who has raised the alarm about Moon.

Early this month, Cecily wrote: “I’ve been very quiet concerning the circumstances.”

“But tbh what kinda ‘friend’ moves into a dead friends house with their husband?!” she asked.

Cecily’s rhetorical query continued: “And ACTS LIKE THEY DID NOTHING WRONG? #Narcissist”

Lyssa, in the mean time, has hurled worse insults than “narcissist.”

She accused Moon of being “disgusting” and “scum.”

Lyssa also recently accused Duane of trying to blackmail her by threatening to reveal her past suicide attempts.

Clearly, things have gotten very ugly within the Chapman family as his children worry that he’s being used and resent that Beth is being “replaced.”

Beth was Duane’s fifth wife. He had also promised her, before her death, that she would be his final wife — that he would not remarry.

Even so, he had admitted that he was open to love again and even to one day dating again.

No one, including Moon, expected that proposal that we all saw in the teaser.

We’ll keep an eye on this and we look forward to hearing the proposal’s context … and Moon Angell’s answer.

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