A New Conspiracy Theory Claims Meghan Markle Was Replaced With A Robot After She Married Prince Harry

According to one new conspiracy theory, Meghan Markle was replaced with a robot after she married Prince Harry. The theory popped up after a clip of Markle at the Britain’s Got Talent finale hit YouTube. In it, the Suits alum looks almost plastic as she sits next to her equally as artificial-looking husband, Prince Harry, in the audience. Seriously, their faces don’t move the whole time the camera is rolling. But there’s a solid explanation for this strange phenomenon — that wasn’t actually the royal couple.

YouTuber Lil Donatello shared a video of the appearance to his channel on Sunday, June 10. The clip amassed nearly 200,000 views in just under 48 hours as fans struggled to figure out what was wrong with the couple. Turns out, two random audience members were promoting Madame Tussauds’ new virtual wax masks, and Markle and Prince Harry were their faces of choice.

In other words, they went full Arya Stark on the popular UK talent competition, and everyone was fooled.

Why, you may ask, would the Duchess of Sussex be replaced by a robot in the first place?

As the theory goes, Queen Elizabeth II didn’t like that Markle was breaking so many “royal rules,” like wearing a sleeveless dress to the Queen’s birthday parade, and serving lemon elderflower cake at her wedding instead of fruitcake.

Truthfully, I would have opted for the elderflower, too. Fruitcake is heinous.

Anyway, fans of the royal couple can now visit them “in person” at the new Live Figures exhibit at Madame Tussauds London.

“In a world’s first for Madame Tussauds London, we are launching Live Figures, an exciting new step in the famous fun experience we offer our guests,” the company announced in a statement in early June. “We have chosen Their Royal Likenesses the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for this new innovation. Britain’s Got Talent is the perfect moment to show the public a first glimpse of our Live Figures before they make their official arrival in the attraction later this month.”

Mystery solved!

Phew. Markle is safe.

For now.

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