Nicki Minaj Got Extremely Salty On Twitter After Her Album Debuted At #2 On Billboard

Nicki Minaj has been having a real go of it recently. She’s been in trouble for rapping on a track with a convicted child molester, she’s been slapping at rappers left and right, oh, and we learned that she almost killed her ex-boyfriend Safaree one time. So she’s been doing her regular thing, living her life, you know: the usual. Well, after the release of her new album Queen you’d think Nicki would take some time off and reap the benefits of her hard work. She sort of did that, if that’s the same as getting mad salty on Twitter because her album was #2, instead of #1.

Travis Scott’s Astroworld spent its second week at #1 on the Billboard 200, beating out Queen which debuted at #2. Travis sold 205, 00 units with 78,000 being traditional sales (for all us 90s kids that means CDs, how archaic). Queen sold 185,000 and also had 78,000 in traditional sales. After seeing these numbers Nicki burst into flames, picked up her phone and started tweeting.

Nicki went in on Travis, and Spotify, and also Drake for some reason, and called them all out for the criminal conspiracy which sole purpose is to keep Nicki Minaj down. She claimed Travis cheated by using Kylie Jenner to sell “season pass” bundles which hinted guests would get to meet Kylie and Stormi at the shows. Unfortunately for Nicki she didn’t knock up a horribly vacuous celebrity with millions of followers and thus cannot piggy-back off their fame to sell more albums. Sorry girl! Maybe next time. Here are the tweets:

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