Nicki Minaj Has Wardrobe Malfunction During Made In America Festival

Nicki Minaj gave fans an eyeful during the Made In America festival in Philadelphia on Sunday.

The rapper was performing in a tiny belted mini dress when the front of her outfit fell open, and she accidentally flashed the crowd as the malfunction exposed both of her breasts, as reported by People.

Always quick on her foot, she covered herself with her hand and continued her choreography. In true Nicki Minaj fashion, she went on to poke fun at the incident while still onstage.

The hip-hop hitmaker’s double nip slip was captured by fans who shared on social media where it quickly spread. But Minaj isn’t one to let her spirits down easily.

“You know what? Let’s go at it. [They all] saw my nipples at least 50 times tonight,” she said in a video a fan posted on Twitter, as quoted by the People article. She also took to her own Twitter to make fun of what happened.

Minaj first retweeted a video of her mishap accompanied by an stressed emoji, and later wrote “I feel G R E A T.” Fans enjoyed her positive attitude in light of her little incident.

“Nicki not giving a f— is ICONIC,” wrote the fan whose video Minaj retweeted with the emoji.

This isn’t the first time the 35-year-old accidentally exposes herself while onstage. While performing at the BET Awards 2018 earlier this year, Minaj’s PVC-style red leotard featuring a plunging neckline slipped out of place, leaving very little to the imagination. Once again, the artist placed a hand over her private parts continued to perform, The Express noted.

In 2014, Minaj had yet another incident during the MTV Video Music Awards. The rapper left the stage after performing “Anaconda” to change costumes, but she returned in a black dress, which she awkwardly clutched the whole time as she performed “Bang Bang” with Ariana Grande and Jessie J.

“Right there, I thought I died,” Minaj recalled about walking onstage holding her dress together. “I didn’t have any underwear on. No underwear, no bra … I was butt-ass naked,” she said, as reported by People.

Minaj’s recently announced that the North American leg of her NICKIHNDRXX tour with Future was cancelled, prompting speculation that poor ticket sales is the reason, according to the Daily Mail.

The rapper has denied that box office sales is the cause. She said she didn’t have enough time to rehearse the show after having to postpone her album release a couple of months ago.

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