Noah Centineo Dishes ‘Falling In Love’ With Shannon Purser on New Movie ‘Sierra Burgess Is A Loser’

Noah Centineo, aka The Internet’s New Boyfriend, has ANOTHER new Netflix film coming out next week!

The 22-year-old actor will star as Jamey opposite Shannon Purser in Sierra Burgess Is A Loser.

Talking with ET recently, Noah opened up about his character and working with Shannon on the film.

“I remember the phone conversations,” he recalled. “We were both on other ends of the phone, and I was just in a different room. And it wasn’t even acting. You’re sitting there talking and it’s like, someone you have a true connection with.”

Noah adds that Shannon is “just so available to that and open to that and I feel blessed to work with her…she’s just this real person. She’s present, she’s with you when you’re with her. And that’s something you don’t really find in a lot of people sometimes they’re here, but they’re like distant.”

He also opened up about his character Jamey, who isn’t all that different from Peter Kavinsky.

Jamey is “more cerebral, he’s really smart, emotionally as well. He’s soulful. He’s a thinker, he’s a deep thinker … and he’s goofy too.”

“I think there’s a great message [in Sierra Burgess] as far as, like, even in this cyber stage of social interaction where it’s just like all technology, you can still have some level of intimacy over the phone,” Noah adds. “The idea was we talked for hours and hours and hours on the phone, and that’s when we got to know each other. That’s when we fell in love.”

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser will premiere on Friday, September 7th.

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