Normal People's Paul Mescal puts on a cosy display with India Mullen

Normal People’s Paul Mescal puts on a cosy display with his co-star India Mullen… after shutting down speculation they are dating

They met while filming the critically acclaimed drama, Normal People. 

And Paul Mescal sent tongues wagging as he shared a very cosy snap with his co-star India Mullen at home on Saturday.

The actor, 24, who has denied he is dating the blonde beauty, 23, beamed for the camera as India leaned on his shoulder.   

Just Friends? Normal People’s Paul Mescal sent tongues wagging as he shared a very cosy snap with his co-star India Mullen on Instagram while at home on Saturday

Paul, who lives with India, posted a snap of himself grinning while sitting on the floor in their living room.

India leaned on her friend’s shoulder, reclining back in her seat with a drink in hand. 

India, who plays his on-screen friend Peggy, moved in with Paul after meeting on the set of the Irish drama, and despite just being pals, sources claim that they have a very flirty relationship.

Flatmates: The blonde actress, 23, who played Peggy, his on-screen friend in the drama, is reportedly living with her co-star, 24 but claims they are nothing more than close friends

The duo are thought to have moved in together back in March, however India decided to head back to Ireland for lockdown with her family and only recently returned to London. 

The Normal People series had been adapted from Sally Rooney’s book of the same name and tells the story of two teenagers in love from two different walks of life.  

Paul played Connell as the BBC drama explored the intricacies of his relationship with Marianne- played by Daisy Edgar-Jones, 22- as they tried to navigate the changing landscape of their relationship.  

TV hit: Normal People has been adapted from Sally Rooney’s book and follows the romantic relationship between Connell and Marianne as they weave in and out of each other’s lives

India’s character Peggy who was a friend of both Marianne and Connell, and joined them on a group trip abroad. 

The show has been watched by almost 30 million people worldwide and Paul and Daisy have been blown away by the success of the series.

It was recently revealed that the show has become BBC Three’s most watched programme after 6.75million tuned in to the first episode.

In an interview with Elizabeth Day on her How To Fail podcast, Daisy discussed the intimacy between Marianne and Paul’s characters and added that she doesn’t see sex scenes as ‘raunchy’.

Daisy told how the equality between herself and Paul and the way their characters’ intimacy was portrayed was something that she was ‘most proud of’ in Normal People.

She said: ‘That’s one of the things I’m most proud of in the whole series is that sense of equality between Paul and I and is the representation of intimacy between Marianne and Connell.

‘I remember before the show actually aired, I had a few nasty comments on my Instagram because it was talked about a lot that there was to be quite a few raunchy scenes.

 ‘I remember reading that because I thought it was interesting because I don’t really think of those scenes as raunchy or explicit because I really don’t think they are.’

She continued: ‘I remember seeing those comments and thinking, “oh gosh, am I going to get a lot of flack for doing those scenes and for having nudity?” But since the show has come out, I have had nothing.

‘None of my friends have even mentioned the strangeness of watching because I think those scenes are done so beautifully by Lenny (Abrahamson, who directed the first six episodes) and by Hetti (Macdonald) who directed the second block and by all the creatives. I’m so proud of them.’

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