Offset Fans Blast Google For Using Bloodied Picture Of Rapper In Hospital For His Main Image — See Tweets

Fans were shocked by what they saw after Googling ‘Offset age.’ See what comes up, and the tweets slamming the search engine for its callous art decision, here!

A new challenge has erupted on Twitter: “Google Offset age.” If you do, the screen will bring up something startling: a picture of Offset, 26, with a bloody mouth and in a neck brace, displayed by his date of birth! The graphic picture comes from Offset’s hospital visit after wrecking his green Dodge Challenger on May 16. Now, for whatever reason, the mega search engine has decided to immortalize his hospital check-in whenever someone’s curious about Offset’s birthday. The featured image could also just be a result of impersonal aggregating…you know, what bots do behind the scenes. But it seems like more than a coincidence when Google Images also displays two rows of President Donald Trump’s face after typing in “idiot.”

So, what gives? Fans are outraged that Google is disrespecting the Migos member, tweeting thoughts like, “Yall go look up “offset age” on google and tell me google ain’t petty af,” and, “I typed offset age in Google & they trying my boy.” Meanwhile, those with a darker sense of humor are getting a good laugh over the picture. “Bruh… you wanna damn die laughing? Google ‘Offset’s Age’ and look at the pic they’re using,” one user wrote. Others simply just expressed themselves with laughing emojis.

Despite what Google is displaying, Offset is alive and well! Offset is so healthy, we even learned that his sex drive is off the charts. His wife Cardi B, 25, posted a video to Instagram Live on Aug. 28 of Offset sliding his fingers dangerously south, and apparently, the cinematography really got him going! “Offset loves that Cardi is naughty in the bedroom. He gets turned on whenever she posts half naked pics online, or when she shares naughty videos of them fooling around together… he loves all of it,” a source close to Offset shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife on Aug. 29.

And we thought celebrities just had to worry if Google picked a bad angle for their featured image! Poor Offset.

HollywoodLife has reached out to Google for a comment.

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