Ovi from 'Big Brother' Has a Girlfriend and She's STUNNING

Big Brother is technically a reality competition show, but it might as well be considered a dating series, too. Everyone who enters the BB house claims they won’t get distracted by any romantic relationships (AKA “showmances”), but let’s be real: when you’re trapped in a house with a bunch of good looking people, you’re bound to get the feels for at least one of them. Well, that’s usually the case for the single people in the house, anyway. But there are always a few contestants with loyal partners cheering them on from home.

This season, Ovi Kabir is one of the houseguests who’s already spoken for…and his girlfriend, Hannah Blackwell, might possibly be the cutest human ever? IDK, IDK, but their love story is extremely precious, so here’s everything you need to know. *Commence swoon*

She’s a College Student

Hannah is currently living her best life as a junior at the University of Tennessee. She’s studying political science and business, but the redhead also happens to be a bomb makeup artist and an advisor for Sephora.

Me?? With a ~slight~ tan? Who is she 🤷🏼‍♀️

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The Lovebirds Met in Class

Yep, Hannah and Ovi are college sweethearts. The two first crossed paths Hannah’s freshman year when she decided to be an overachiever and take a junior-level law course.

Sitting here reminiscing and thinking how crazy it is that I met you in a Law in American Society class TWO years ago?! Thankful that freshman year Hannah didn’t listen to my advisor and took that junior level class anyways

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But it wasn’t until Ovi committed a grand act of love—driving six hours in a car without A/C in the heat of summer just to see her—that the two became official.

To think it all started 2 years ago with this guy driving his 2001 van with no air conditioning 6 hours across the state to come see me in the 90 degree summer heat….. thanks for that babe 😘

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They Have an Adorable Corgi Son

Hannah and Ovi took their relationship to the next level when they became proud parents…of a little corgi named Mowgli.

Took Mowgli to the drive in last night and we decided we’d let Ovi tag along too

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He has his own Instagram account, naturally.

Every clout god needs a clout dog. •⁣⁣⁣ •⁣⁣⁣ •⁣⁣⁣ • • • •⁣⁣⁣ • #corgisofinstagram #corgi #corgibutt #corgipuppy #corginstagram #corgilove #corgilove #MowgliTheCorgi #cute #king #puppy #puppylove #corgination #corgicommunity #welshcorgi #pembrokewelshcorgi #corgis #corgigram #corgiplanet #corgiaddict #instacorgi #corgilife #corgifeed #myfavcorgi #wow #february #didurlytakethetimetoreadallmyhashtagswow

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They even threw him a birthday party with all his furry friends in attendance. 😭

If you thought I wasn’t going to throw a birthday banger for my dog, you thought wrong. His whole crew showed up too.

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She’s His Biggest Supporter

Ovi has plenty of people cheering him on outside of the house, but no one is a bigger fan than Hannah. She’s been watching this season closely, and she is NOT here for all the bullying that’s been going on. On Twitter, she stook up for Ovi and the other houseguests who were being targeted and made fun of.

You know what’s crazy? Is to have someone that you love be so excited for an opportunity of a lifetime that tons of people apply for, and then for him and the other minorities to be immediately targeted the second they step in the door before they even get a CHANCE #BB21

I’m on vacation and I am literally shaking because I’m so angry about how all of this is playing out right now and how ignorant and childish these people in this house are, it truly baffles me. I don’t need to be a super fan of this show to know that these people are trash

But she also acknowledged how much love Ovi’s getting from the BB fans, whom she thanked for the “love and support”.

Thank you all so much for all of the love and support you have poured out to Ovi and myself here in the last few weeks 💓 I try to fav/respond to anything I see, but don’t think any of it’s unappreciated. I’ll be sure to show Ovi all of the love he’s received when he comes back!

In short, Hannah and Ovi are proof that true love exists, and we have decided to stan.

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