The actress and model reportedly also blocks the ‘Breaking Bad’ actor’s number after the latter kept sending her messages.

Paris Jackson reportedly moved out from her house and hired armed security to make sure she’s safe from Isaac Kappy. The daughter of late pop star Michael Jackson continued to receive text messages from the “Breaking Bad” actor before she finally blocked his number. Sources described the messages as “loving and caring, but also sounding like he’s coming unhinged.”

According to TMZ, Paris, who used to be good friends with Isaac, even responded to Isaac’s texts at first because she thought that Issac had a suicidal thought and she just wanted to help him, but the texts turned out to be frightening. Isaac also reportedly attacked Paris and chocked her during a game night party last month so it’s not surprising that the 20-year-old actress really wants to keep her distance from the “Terminator Salvation” star now.

On Wednesday, August 1, sources told TMZ that Isaac was under police investigation for harassing and stalking Seth and his wife.

As if the video was not enough, Isaac also took to his Twitter account to spread his words about pedophile. “Do you want to live in a world of peace, prosperity and abundance? A world where the human spirit tackles the challenge of the cosmos?” he tweeted. “Or do you want to live in a world where violent pedophiles use us, abuse us, rape and kill our children?”

He even tried to talk to “The Lost Boys” actor Corey Feldman on Twitter to help him expose pedophiles, but Corey didn’t respond and blocked his account instead.

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