Peter Sarsgaard Says His ‘The Batman’ Character Is A Politician Who Has Trouble Telling The Truth!

Peter Sarsgaard is sharing some details about his character in The Batman!

While making an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday (March 10), the 49-year-old actor talked about preparing for his role as Gil Colson in the new installment of the Batman movie franchise, where he’ll play a political figure with a penchant for lies.

“I’m a District Attorney and I’m basically a politician that has trouble telling the truth,” Peter revealed, later referring to his wife Maggie Gyllenhaal who starred in Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight as assistant district attorney Rachel Dawes.

“I mean hers is so lovely. I’m a pretty distasteful person in it,” Peter continued. “Daddy doesn’t play nice people, you know, typically. Let’s be honest, the guy in this isn’t very nice.”

Peter Sarsgaard also talked about starring in his new series Interrogation on CBS All Access – Watch the trailer HERE!
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