PIC EXC: Coleen Rooney enjoys a day by the sea with her family

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Coleen Rooney sports a black skirt swimsuit as she hits the beach in Barbados with Wayne, their four sons and her parents (and keeps her spirits up even when it starts to pour with rain!)

Coleen Rooney enjoyed a day at the beach with husband Wayne, their four sons Kai, 10, Klay, seven, Kit, four, and Cass, two, and her parents in Barbados, amid claims he fears she’s gone too far in her case with Rebekah Vardy. 

The WAG and the Derby County captain, both 34, were seen enjoying the day out with their little ones and her parents Colette and Tony McLoughlin even as it began to rain on the Spanish island on Thursday.  

Coleen is in the midst of a £1 million court battle with Becky, 38, who revealed in court documents last week her ‘extreme anguish’ about being exposed ‘to public ridicule and contempt’ by her in the so-called Wagatha Christie case. 

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Coleen Rooney sported a black skirt swimsuit as she hit the beach in Barbados with Wayne, their four sons and her parents on Thursday (and kept her spirits up even when it started to pour with rain!)

Coleen looked stylish in a black skirt swimsuit that accentuated her slender legs and sun-kissed skin as she hit the beach with her family.

She pulled her brunette locks back into a loose ponytail and shielded her eyes with a pair of chic shades, while she used a natural palette of make-up for the occasion.

Keeping her spirits up even as it began to pour with rain, Coleen could be seen picking up son Kai and bringing him down to their deck chairs as he dried off after a dip in the sea.

Doting mum: Keeping her spirits up even as it began to pour with rain, Coleen could be seen picking up son Klay and bringing him down to their deck chairs as he dried off after a dip in the sea

Chic: Coleen pulled her brunette locks back into a loose ponytail and shielded her eyes with a pair of chic shades, while she used a natural palette of make-up for the occasion

Summer showers: Coleen could be seen rushing back to her accommodation with a bag of her children’s toys as the rain began to pour more fiercely

Snapping away: Coleen took photos of Cass and Kit as they played together in the sand

Relaxed: Wayne could be seen enjoying a beer and food on a sun lounger and kept out of the rain underneath an umbrella

Proud mum: Coleen looked on in delight as she filmed her son Kit doing a cartwheel in the sand

Fashionista: Coleen’s black swimsuit featured lace-up detailing at the front, while the puffy skirt accentuated her slim waist

Family values: Coleen’s parents Colette and Tony joined her and her family on the trip

Wayne opted not to head out to sea as he instead relaxed on a sun lounger, drank a beer and ate some food while he relaxed with Colette and his sons.

He kept things casual by wearing a dark blue T-shirt over a pair of matching shorts, while he covered his locks with a baseball cap for a low-key look.

Klay and Cass looked sweet in matching pink swimming trunks, while Kit sported a green floral swimsuit and Kai wore all blue. 

Busy bee: Coleen could be seen walking around the beach getting things for her sons and keeping a watchful eye on them

Enjoying himself: Kit could be seen showing his mum seashells he found on the sea shore

In good spirits: Even though it began to rain Coleen didn’t let the poor weather get her down

Spending time together: Coleen could be seen chatting to Wayne as he ate some food on the beach

Catching waves: Kit could be seen on a lilo happily splashing around in the water

Bonding with granddad: Kit also spent some time with Coleen’s dad as he got a piggy back ride while in the sea

Mum’s know best! Coleen could be seen doting on her little ones as they ran around the beach with glee

It’s pouring! Coleen made sure she and her family didn’t leave anything behind before rushing back during the surprise storm

Doing his part: Wayne also picked up a bag with their belongings before heading back to their hotel as it began to pour

Busybody: Coleen kept herself occupied as the day wore on during their Barbados getaway

Accessorise: Coleen carried around a chic pink-and-white bag to keep their belongings in

Friends say the former England football captain has hoped Coleen’s WAG war would not get to his stage but he is willing to back his wife in her quest to prove her claims and be vindicated. 

A source said to The Sun: ‘Wayne thinks it’s gone too far already and dreads the thought of it reaching court. 

‘He fears it could be embarrassing to him and their family what may come out. But he knows how important this is to Coleen and will back her.’

Another source said: ‘Coleen is becoming obsessed with it.’ 

Say cheese! Coleen and her mother took a selfie together as the rain began to pour

Looking good: Coleen’s dark ensemble highlighted her sun-kissed skin even during the overcast day

Stony-faced: Wayne appeared to be put off by the poor weather before he made his way back inside

MailOnline contacted Coleen and Wayne Rooney’s representatives for comment at the time of publication.

The holiday was no doubt needed for Coleen, who was accused of leaking stories to the press by Rebekah earlier this month.  

Rebekah – who is the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, 33 – told in a bombshell legal document how she had been left suicidal by the accusation that she had leaked stories about Coleen and her family. 

She also claims in the document drawn up for her libel battle against Coleen that the stress of the scandal had left her fearful of losing her unborn baby and suffering panic attacks that made her too scared to leave her home.

The I’m A Celeb star complains of being made a ‘scapegoat’ by her rival seeking to blame her for stories appearing when in the past Coleen had approved of her friends leaking gossip about her. 

The document says Rebekah believes she ‘has deliberately been made a scapegoat (sic) by the Defendant (Coleen) for past ‘leaked’ stories.’

It points to previous stories about Coleen and Wayne with some ‘in particular about their marriage, which have in fact come from the Defendant’s friends, at times even with the Defendant’s approval.’

The paper states that Sun journalist Dan Wootton had said on talkRADIO on October 19 last year that Coleen had ‘manipulated the media to tell stories about her own life’.

Wootton added that he had ‘written many, many stories’ about her marriage and ‘lots of other things around the Rooneys’ that had come directly from friends of Coleen including some told ‘with her (Coleen’s) approval’, says the document

He went on to say on talkRADIO that nothing had ever come from ‘any of the Vardys’, it adds.

Rebekah describes in her document how Coleen’s public denunciation of her on Instagram while she was seven months pregnant had ‘gravely injured her reputation’.

Detailing how Coleen had ’caused her enormous distress and very extreme embarrassment’, she disclosed how she had been bombarded with abuse on social media. 

Rebekah said that the widespread damage to her reputation was illustrated by research showing her name had become a more popular search term than ‘Brexit’ on Google in the UK on the day the scandal broke.  

She also claimed that it led to her name appearing 276,822 times on Twitter on the same day, more than triple the number of mentions of Boris Johnson who had had his name published only 80,704 times.

Coleen made headlines around the world last October when she made her devastating claim that Rebekah had been leaking stories about her and her family to the Sun newspaper.

She released the statement: ‘It’s been tough keeping it to myself and not making any comment at all, especially when the stories have been leaked, however I had to. Now I know for certain which account / individual it’s come from.

‘I have saved and screenshotted all the original stories which clearly show just one person has viewed them. It’s ……………. Rebekah Vardy’s account.’

Rebekah immediately denied the claims and has since been fighting to clear her name and demands Coleen withdraw the claims against her.

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