“Pink 4 U:” Halsey Takes Tokyo in Vibrant Pink Look

Halsey has been in Tokyo over the last few days, having signed on to perform live as a headliner at the 2019 Tokyo Girls Collection, one of Japan’s largest semi-annual fashion events. Halsey decided to make her look memorable for the occasion, going all-in on a vibrant, electric pink wig that has gotten a lot of notice in the local press.

Halsey also gave an unexpected shout out to Asian girl group Blackpink when she posted a clip of herself jamming to the group’s hit “Ddu Du Ddu Du” prior to her Tokyo Girls Collection set. And after the performance, Halsey took time to wander around Tokyo enjoying the region’s beautiful cherry blossom season.

We have video clips and pics from Halsey’s Tokyo takeover below.  

(Image source: Halsey Instagram account)

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