Price for Anne Heche’s Memoir Soars After Her Tragic Death

The first tell-all book ‘Call Me Crazy’ by the ‘Donnie Brasco’ actress is selling for hundreds as it’s offered as ‘collectible’ online following her tragic passing.

AceShowbiz -Following her tragic death, Anne Heche‘s memoir is selling for almost $750 (£620). The late actress – who died on Sunday (14.08.22) aged 53 nine days after being critically injured in a car crash – released her book “Call Me Crazy” in 2001, and its price has shot up among collectors and fans after her passing.

The book – which was first published by Scribner almost 21 years ago and cost $26 (£21) – is being sold a “collectible” on Amazon, according to “Entertainment Tonight”. The memoir is on offer for between $739 (£611) and $949 (£785), depending on the seller.

Although one Amazon seller describes the book as “inscribed” by Heche – which would explain the high price – the book is being listed for hundreds of pounds by private sellers on other websites.

The memoir focuses on the star’s struggles with mental health as she tried to deal with life in the spotlight, plus the trauma she suffered after childhood abuse, as well as her high profile past romance with Ellen DeGeneres.

In an interview with the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast – which has been released posthumously, Heche revealed she was keen to write a new book “Call Me Sane“. The planned tome – which she described as “the flip side” of ‘Call Me Crazy’ – would have delt with her life journey as she battled past trauma and abuse, while offering other people advice to help them do the same in their own lives.

She explained, “It’s the practice of how to get over abuse and how to start the process of living in love with yourself that engaged with others, and living in love with kindness so you can bring yourself to others in a full capacity.”

The podcast was recorded in January but was not released until Tuesday (16.08.22), two days after her death. The “Donnie Brasco” star was declared “legally dead according to California law” on Friday (12.08.22) after suffering a severe anoxic brain injury but her family wanted to wait until organ donor matches had been found before turning off her life support.

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