Prince Harry Thinks There’s ‘Too Much Hysteria’ Around Meghan Markle, Wants To Keep Media Away

Prince Harry is reportedly bothered by all of the media attention on Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle fever is definitely a thing, as royal fans around the world are enthralled by the duchess’ love story. However, Prince Harry isn’t thrilled about all of the attention that his new wife is getting all the time, according to Elle.

“[Prince Harry] worries there is too much hysteria around Meghan and he wants to row back a bit,” a source said. “Harry didn’t used to care that much about what was written [in the press], he just said it was a load of sh*te, but he’s very protective of Meghan and defensive these days.”

Additionally, The Cut detailed how Meghan won’t be at any official royal events until September. The couple is also expected to be enjoying a quiet and very private getaway at their Costwald country cottage.

“It’s very clear they want to be private and left alone,” a local reportedly told Vanity Fair, as relayed by The Cut. “The property is in the middle of woodland and you wouldn’t know it was there. It’s like a fortress.”

And indeed, royal reporter Richard Palmer has noted how reporters are getting less and less access to Meghan.

“Royal rota journalists are being kept further away from her than we were before the wedding. That means we can’t hear what she is saying,” Palmer detailed. He adds how that forces reporters to focus on only things they can see, like what they’re wearing.

Considering that Meghan’s family is causing tons of controversy with their off-the-cuff comments and interviews, it’s not too surprising to hear that Harry wants to protect Meghan.

Also, the couple wants to “[enjoy] a low-key and very domesticated start to married life,” detailed Marie Clarie. A source also noted that the couple spends more time in the countryside than many people realize. The newlyweds’ countryside cottage is apparently heavily secured, which makes sense considering their royal status.

It’s not clear how Meghan feels about all of the attention that’s being given to her. At the least, Prince Harry is reportedly becoming “uncomfortable” with the whole thing. And during the Sentebale Polo Cup, a source spoke put about the attention.

“It was quite clear that they didn’t want the press anywhere near them,” reported Cosmopolitan. But their desire for privacy didn’t stop them from sharing a public kiss to commemorate Prince Harry’s win.

While Harry might have the ability to pick and choose how much media access there is to himself and Meghan, the royal family has less control over Markle’s side of the family. Her step-sister, Samantha, says she’s going to write a book about the duchess, and also plans to appear on the U.K.’s version of Celebrity Big Brother. That alone could cause some huge PR headaches, although if the royals follow their usual protocol, they’ll simply go on ignoring the Markles and their antics.

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