Prince William Planning Special Treat For Prince George & Princess Charlotte

When Prince William returns home from his visit to Birmingham today, Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be the ones reaping the benefits of his visit to the West Midlands. As the prince spent his entire Tuesday seeing the sights around Birmingham, he told the press that he will be the “most popular” father in the United Kingdom when he brings his gifts home to Kensington Palace, according to reports from People.

Leaving the University of Birmingham, William was gifted with some unique dinosaur-themed coloring books, specifically created to commemorate the prince’s visit to the university to hand out this year’s edition of the Prince William Award. William was gifted the books for the two eldest of his three children, George, age 5, and Charlotte, age 3. The coloring books were sketched by artist Julian Kiely, who as a volunteer in partnership with Lapworth Museum of Geology created the book full of dinosaurs, fossils, whales, and other interesting animals.

Vice-Chancellor Sir David Eastwood described the coloring books after handing them to the prince as he left, saying, “We made four especially for today. He said ‘I’ll be the most popular father in the country tonight.’”

Given the popularity of everything associated with the royals, the university is already contemplating a wider release of the hardcover coloring books.

William was originally brought to the university for the day to meet with young students who had been the recipients of the 2017 edition of the Prince William Award, a program that seeks to develop children’s character and confidence. William has been quite open about the difficulty and street he faced while being a student.

“I got scared in school sometimes,” William said to the students, describing his experiences. “I was nervous about putting my hand up in class. There’s no such thing as a silly question.” William hopes that his award program can help students become more resilient in their studies.

Earlier in the day, during a stop at a primary school in nearby Bradford, William met with two students, 10-year-olds Hafsah Shahin and Aysha Mahmood, who showed him pictures of themselves taking part in Prince William Award events.

“Aysha was very good at teamwork and leadership,” Hafsah said as she described her friend to the prince. “She went from not being able to do it, to leading.”

“I learned not to give up. He was very kind,” added Aysha of her time taking part in the experience.

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