R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Feels ‘Terrible’ for Not Spending Thanksgiving Together With Him

Taking to her Twitter account, Azriel Clary continues to defend the disgraced singer as saying, ‘Whether you despise him or love him I am not just any girlfriend of his.’

AceShowbizR. Kelly is spending Thanksgiving behind the bars this year, leaving his girlfriend as she celebrates the holiday without him. Given the controversy surrounding the singer, one might think that she will feel relieved because of this. However, it is actually the exact opposite because Azriel Clary admitted on Twitter on Thursday, November 28 that she isn’t happy about it.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, she wrote, “I must say celebrating my first holiday without Robert has been a terrible feeling that I would not wish on anyone. Whether you despise him or love him I am not just any girlfriend of his, and I refuse to do any and every interview for a check.”

She later added in another tweet, “I have integrity and when I do speak it will be on a great platform that can humanize him. I want to make the situation better not worse, and rushing to speak just to appease everyone else is not a how I want to portray him. Patience is key guys.”

Azriel has been supporting and standing by the disgraced singer while he is waiting for his multiple sexual abuse trials to begin. She even previously hit back at critics of her relationship through a post that read, “Goodmorning y’all, the haters clocked in real early, so imma give y’all cookie, cause y’all putting in work too! Seriously, I like critic though . Just be ready for this clapback.”

Meanwhile, his other girlfriend, Jocelyn Savage, recently made headlines after she claimed on Patreon that she was a victim of Kelly too after repeatedly defending the R&B singer against allegations of his manipulative and abusive behavior. However, the backtracking caused some critics to call into question the legitimacy of the profile, prompting the site to remove the account and return all the funds to those who had signed up for varying memberships fees to read her stories.

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