Ralph Breaks The Internet Reveals What Disney Princesses Wear In Their Time Off! Look!

OK, we knew Ralph Breaks The Internet was going to break the 4th wall — we didn’t realize it was going to shatter illusions!

In Entertainment Weekly’s first look at a scene in which Princess Vanellope has a little chill girl time with her fellow Disney princesses, we finally get to see what they where when they’re off the clock!

Elsa in a novelty T-shirt that says, “Just Let It Go”? Cinderella in capri pants??

See all the “comfortable clothes and attainable waistlines” (below)!


Sarah Silverman, who voices Vanellope, tweeted:

We just got so much more excited for this movie!

Co-director/co-writer Phil Johnston tells EW seeing the princesses behind the scenes is new territory — but if you think about it, it’s the exact same idea as the first film:

“It’s what Wreck-It Ralph was about: What happens when the arcade is closed and how do these characters behave when no one’s looking? And it’s very similar to what happens when you’re backstage in the princesses’ dressing room. What do they do? What do they look like? What do they talk about?”

Sarah reveals a teensy bit of their convo:

“The princesses and Vanellope learn a lot from each other, but what happens in that discussion is acknowledging the… I don’t want to say just blatant sexism, but the kind of dated, antiquated idea of princesses and bringing it up to a feminist — meaning equal — code.”


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