Rapper XXXTentacion Reportedly Shot In Miami, Witnesses Say He Has ‘No Pulse’

So heartbreaking! Rapper XXXtentacion has reportedly been shot in broad daylight while leaving a Miami motorcycle shop and witnesses said he had no pulse and looked close to death.

This could be a massive loss for the rap world as XXXtentacion has reportedly been shot in the Miami suburb of Deerfield Beach and could be near death. According to TMZ, the 20-year-old was motorcycle shopping and when he was leaving a dealership a gunman ran up to him and shot him in the front seat of his sports car. Witnesses claimed he had no pulse after the shooting and appeared “lifeless.” The site had video of people gathered around his black sports car while he appeared to not be moving. Sirens could be heard in the distance as police and EMTs were rushing to the scene.

The rapper — real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy — was a product of South Florida, being born and raised outside Miami.  He just dropped his latest album ?  on March 16, 2018 and it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 list. The single “Sad!” made it all the way to the Billboard top ten, peaking at number seven and its follow up “Changes” also made the top 40 by peaking at 37th place. XXXtentacion had so much talent and promise so it would be a real tragedy if his young life and career were cut short.

His young life had been a troubled one, as he was in and out of juvenile detention facilities for various offenses. When he was only six, he stabbed a man who was attempting to attack his mom. He wrote his first music while locked up, dropping the trap tune “News/Flock” via SoundCloud in June of 2013.

XXXTentacion has had plenty of drama since becoming famous, including being involved in several assaults with concertgoers and got into a feud with Drake, 31, over his 2017 song “KMT,” which fans said seemed to rip off XXX’s “Look At Me.” He even responded by tweeting out “If Drake is gonna take the flow, and I don’t know if he legitimately did, but if that is the situation, at least reach out to a n***a, help a n***a out in this situation.” He later called Drizzy a “bitch” in an interview with WMIB radio, and later Offset from Migos took Drake’s side on Instagram, escalating the feud.

The rapper was thrown in jail in Dec. of 2017 and charged with seven new felonies including witness tampering, harassment and a violation of bond conditions from 2016. After already facing charges of battery against a pregnant woman, the rapper was also accused of coercing an ex-girlfriend into dropping abuse charges filed against him. He was later released on house arrest, which expired in March of this year. His ex GF Geneva Ayala described years of violent abuse at the hands of XXX in a recent deposition. She even started a GoFundMe page to cover medical expenses for surgeries needed after allegedly being violently punched in the eye.

We’ll keep you updated on XXX’s condition as the story is still developing.  He is reportedly still alive according to local Miami news reports and was transported to a local hospital as a trauma alert.


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