Reality star Joe Tilley fell to his death after asking for a shaman

An inquest into the death of reality TV star Joe Tilley heard that he asked to "find a shaman" before falling to his death.

The 24-year-old, who appeared in series Jungletown, had become disorientated before wandering off while travelling in Colombia.

Mr Tilley, from Leicester, was found dead on May 12, submerged in the lower part of the Fin del Mundo waterfall, known by the nickname The End of the World.

He has last been seen alive on May 5, when he was heading towards the waterfall.

His inquest at Leicester Town Hall heard that Mr Tilley had previously experimented with drugs, visited a shaman and spent time with a tribe, reports the BBC .

They also say the reality personality had taken part in ceremonies involved a bufo toad and the poison of a kambo frog.

Senior coroner Catherine Mason read from a police report that there have been suggestions that the effects of such ceremonies can be "similar to drug-induced psychosis from cannabis use".

The report said the ceremonies could cause previous mental health problems to resurface.

The coroner said Mr Tilley had not been involved in any such ceremonies in the weeks leading up to his death, but that he had smoked some cannabis, and could have been "suffering from some kind of psychosis".

A friend of Mr Tilley, who saw him shortly before he died, said he "appeared to be flicking personalities" and that he had claimed to have been talking to spirits.

Mrs Mason ruled the death as accidental, and said that the weather could have played a part.

She said: "It is whilst he was out there [near the waterfall] the weather deteriorated and he was reported missing when he failed to return.

"It is believed that Joe Tilley fell to his death having become disorientated."

The inquest heard that Mr Tilley was an experienced traveller who had left the UK to go travelling on January 28.

He had been staying at a hostel near to the waterfall before he died.

His cause of death was given as injuries sustained as a result of a fall from a height.

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