Reese Witherspoon takes a selfie with her mini-me daughter Ava

‘My girl!’: Reese Witherspoon, 45, poses with mini-me daughter Ava, 21, as the actress asks fans if she should copy her clone by getting bangs

Reese Witherspoon shared a selfie that was taken with her mini-me daughter, Ava Elizabeth, to her Instagram account on Thursday morning.

The 45-year-old actress and her eldest child, 21, appeared to be enjoying each other’s company as they took a picture while making the most of their beach getaway.

‘My girl ❤️ *also: should I get bangs?’ asked the Big Little Lies star in her caption. 

Quality time: Reese Witherspoon was seen hanging out with her mini-me daughter Ava Elizabeth in a selfie that was shared to her Instagram account on Thursday

The Academy Award-winning actress shares her daughter with her first husband, Ryan Philippe, to whom she was married from 1999 until 2007. 

Witherspoon was seen wearing a patterned white blouse while spending time with the UC Berkeley college student.

Her gorgeous blonde hair fell mostly onto her right shoulder, and she sported several articles of gold jewelry.

Ava opted for a much more vibrant strapless red blouse as she took in all that the beach had to offer.

Like her mother, the social media personality wore a pair of stylish gold earrings, and her blonde locks made their way onto her shoulders and backside.

Proud parents: The performer shares her eldest child, as well as her son Deacon, with her former husband, Ryan Philippe; the two are seen in 2006

Witherspoon and Philippe initially met in 1997 when the 46-year-old actor ran into the actress at her 21st birthday party.

The two began a relationship soon after and quickly announced that they had become engaged the following December.

The former couple went on to tie the knot in 1999 and welcomed Ava Elizabeth that same year.

The performers went on to welcome a second child named Deacon Reese, currently aged 17, in 2003, although they eventually separated in 2006 and subsequently divorced.

Moving fast: Witherspoon and Philippe met at her 21st birthday party and went on to tie the knot in 1999; they are seen together in 2002

Starting a family: The former pair welcomed Ava in 1999 and Deacon in 2003 before they separated in 2006 and subsequently divorced

Witherspoon then began a short-lived romance with Jake Gyllenhaal before she met her current husband, Jim Toth, in 2010.

The two confirmed that they were in a relationship that March and went on to announce their engagement that December after just months of dating.

The happy couple went on to make their union official the following March during a ceremony that was held at the actress’ former ranch.

With their loved ones: Also this week Ava posed with her boyfriend Owen and her brother Deacon put his arm around his girlfriend Marine

The pair added another son, Tennessee James, currently aged eight, to their lives that September. 

Witherspoon spoke about her relationship with her children during an interview with InStyle, where she noted that she becomes very affectionate when she is around them. 

She remarked: ‘my mothering personality is nothing like my work personality. I melt around my kids. I’m much more squishy, soft, and lovey with a caramel center.’

The performer also expressed that her children had her full support in whatever they wanted to do and she stated that she desired for them to be happy in their future lives. 

She stated: ‘I also encourage their deepest dreams and want them to be more expansive in their idea of what they want to become or explore.’ 

Moving on: Witherspoon later began a relationship with Jim Toth, whom she eventually married, and the two went on to welcome a son in 2012

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