‘RHOA’ Recap: Porsha Gets Engaged After Receiving The Ultimate Marriage Proposal

Congratulations are in order! Porsha and Dennis took their relationship to the next level during the Feb. 17 episode of ‘RHOA’, when he finally popped the question!

We already knew Porsha Williams had gotten engaged, but it was fun to see how Dennis McKinley proposed during the Feb. 17 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Through the majority of the episode, the ladies had speculated when the parents-to-be would take their relationship to the next level and now the wait is finally over! With a baby on the way, Dennis must have sensed that Porsha was becoming antsy about them merging their lives together — after all, she wasn’t too keen on the idea of buying multiple quantities for every baby item they went shopping for — so Dennis staged a fake charity event for the big moment.

First, he made sure they were all dressed up and she had her makeup done. Then, he flew them to the building via a helicopter. And once they arrived, he whisked her downstairs, while she could hear her favorite song playing in the distance. But it wasn’t coming from a music player — instead, it was Lil’ Mo singing Porsha and Dennis’ favorite song in a room with rose petals all over the floor. And once Lil’ Mo got done signing, Dennis got down on one knee and asked Porsha to be his wife! It was super cute, and obviously, Porsha said yes!

But Porsha wasn’t the only one making a major change this week. Kandi and Todd also met a potential surrogate to carry another baby for them. Todd is still uncomfortable with the whole idea of a surrogate — he told Kandi that he’s not sure whether he wants to be a part of the process or not — but he still went ahead and met the woman. And Shandi checked all of Kandi’s boxes in regards to what she was looking for in a surrogate, so it’s very possible that the couple will move forward with the process.

Meanwhile, Eva dealt with the stresses of wedding planning when the dress she had wanted couldn’t be made. So she had to try and choose another dress, but instead of picking one, she pretty much had a meltdown. Yikes! But can’t say we blame her.

And Nene and Gregg continued to bicker, as he prepared to go into surgery. But Nene didn’t feel as though their arguing was a result of his cancer. She said it had been happening long before he got sick, and she’s tired of being unhappy. Could they split? We’re not sure yet, but we’re definitely nervous!

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