The ‘Real Housewives of New York City’s fun outing on a private island quickly turned into a nightmare that ended with Sonja peeing in her pants, during the Aug. 1 episode.

Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Luann de Lesseps, Tinsley Mortmier, Carole Radziwill, Dorinda Medley and Bethenny Frankel were all having fun on a private island towards the end of their Colombian trip — during the Aug. 1 episode of The Real Housewives of New York City — before “choppy” waters nearly killed them on the way back. Yes, we as viewers finally got to experience the “boat ride from hell”, which was first promoted in the initial Season 10 trailer, and it was just as scary as we thought it’d be. After a few hours on a private island, the ladies were told to quickly board the boat as the coastguard warned them that the ocean waters were getting “choppy”. LuAnn even had to leave her cell phone behind!

Immediately upon hitting the sea, the rough waters tossed the ladies around. At first, Ramona and Sonja thought it was the captain’s fault, as they could be heard complaining about it to Tinsley. “This doesn’t feel so extreme to me,” Tinsley said in a confessional. “We’re rocking, I’m just sort of riding the waves.” But soon, Sonja was so freaked out that she peed all over herself — and Ramona’s bathing suit. “I f—king peed my swimsuit!” Sonja said, to which Tinsley replied, “Stop peeing and shut up.”

“This is like taking a f—king airplane with one propeller! I just peed my pants, you idiot,” Sonja screamed. “It’s not right.”

Later, outside the boat, Bethenny said, “This is not funny. This is crazy.” Carole then started puking, while Bethenny held back her hair and tried comforting her. (Shocking, considering their feud, right?) LuAnn then came out, saying she felt “sick” before getting knocked down by the rough waters. Bethenny screamed for her to stay down as she claimed a 15-foot wave was coming their way.

Then, they smelled smoke. But it wasn’t a fire. Apparently, the anchor accidentally deployed and the smell came from the captain trying to pull it back up at a fast speed. And once it wouldn’t return to the boat, one of the guys on board quickly cut the rope so the boat wouldn’t capsize. Conditions on board got so bad that the Bravo production crew turned off their cameras and braced for any sort of impact. Fortunately, no one died and everyone lived to tell the story. Want to see a glimpse of what happened? Watch the video above!

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