Rob Kardashian’s Sex Secret Revealed In Deposition? I Like ‘Being Scratched By A Female’

Well this is an interesting kink. Rob Kardashian admitted in a deposition that being scratched by a woman ‘is one of the best things a man could ask for.’ We’ve got the details.

Maybe this explains why Rob Kardashian likes women with long sharp fingernails like his ex Blac Chyna has. He made the admission that he “likes being scratched” by a woman during a deposition that Chyna just submitted to the court on Jan. 16 and the documents have been obtained by The Blast. Rob filed suit against Chyna in Sept. 2017 for damage to his property and emotional and physical injuries he claims to have suffered after the now former couple had a blowout fight on Dec. 13,. 2016. The 30-year-old is hoping that her ex’s admission that he likes being scratched can help disprove that he suffered any injuries as the result of their fight.

Rob made the admission when it came to having his shirt badly torn during their fight on that evening. Her attorney asked the 31-year-old, “You enjoy that? What? Being scratched?” and he replied “Yeah, being scratched by a female is one of the best things a man could ask for.” Umm WHAT?!? Even her lawyer seemed in disbelief as the follow up question was “All right. And at that time is that how you took her, again, nails across your chest, that that’s something that felt good?”

Rob responded, “It didn’t really occur to me that it was going to be — you know, go into guns and strangling. This was just like I thought she was just being drunk and you know, just trying to be funny.” Later on he claimed Chyna’s scratch “didn’t feel good,” and added, “That’s for sure.” The site claims Chyna introduced the deposition “to argue that evidence will show Rob’s shirt was torn ‘with his (very happy) consent’.”

Rob has claimed in court documents that the “violent attack” by his baby mama ended up costing him more than $17,000 to “repair/and or replace only part of the property” Chyna destroyed. The paperwork continued “Plaintiff also incurred substantial costs in changing locks and hiring security to deter additional violent attacks on his person and property.” Chyna has claimed her own court docs that she owes him no more than $5,000 and that’s just for the damaged TV, as she said she will reimburse him for that amount and nothing more.

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