Robbers Attempt To Hit MLB Star Yasiel Puig’s Home For A FIFTH Time…

This is unreal…

Last night, a man jumped the security fence at the El Lay home of Los Angeles Dodgers star outfielder Yasiel Puig, ran up to the front door, and rang the buzzer while acting suspiciously.

He was denied entry into the home, and the occupants (Puig wasn’t there at the time) called the police, but that now marks the fifth breach of security at Puig’s San Fernando Valley home within the last two years.


On Thursday night, with Puig also gone and nobody watching the place, burglars successfully breached entry into the home and stole valuables and ransacked the place. That was the fourth successful burglary against Puig’s L.A. residence in less than 24 months.

And then incredibly, the same thing nearly happened Friday night.

This time, reports contend that after the man jumped the fence, he rang the buzzer and asked for a woman by name through the intercom system. He was told the woman wasn’t there, and that the police were being called.

The man fled, and cops didn’t round him up when they arrived. He did not fit the description of the burglars from the night before, though, so perhaps it was a different (and still very weird…) situation altogether.

Whatever’s going on, it’s getting really scary in the San Fernando Valley.


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