Robin Thicke's Girlfriend April Geary Announces She's Pregnant Six Months After Giving Birth

Ali Wong has a bit in her Netflix special Hard Knock Wife about how women who have had human babies pulled out of their bodies should get a lot of time off from work and everything else, because it takes a while for their insides and outsides to go from “a traumatized me after watching Hereditary while sober” to a “pretty calm me after watching Hereditary while stoned.” But either Robin Thicke’s girlfriend April Geary is not like Ali Wong, or she said, “fuck it till a baby’s made,” because six months after she birthed out her porny-named daughter Mia Love Thicke, she has announced that a new fetus has moved into her baby-baking area.

23-year-old April announced in an Instagram post that her second kid is due on Robin’s birthday, March 10.

We’re so excited to share with y’all that I’m expecting again! We find out Saturday if it’s a boy or a girl! What do you guys think it’s going to be? Forgot to mention the due date is Robins birthday!

Robin also posted on Instagram about how his future child support payments to April have gone up by writing this caption with a video of her ultrasound: “They said we couldn’t make another anthem, so we went and made another anthem!” If you squint while staring at the ultrasound screen, you can pretty much see the fetus mouthing the words, “Please tell me that doesn’t mean they’re going to name me Anthem.”

This baby will be 41-year-old Robin’s third. He has an 8-year-old son with Paula Patton. We all know that custody battle was a ten car pile up crash, so I’m sure child custody lawyers are already circling April waiting to pounce with their business cards.

The good news for Mia is that she will soon get a sibling she’ll be able to say to, “Bitch, can we believe that’s our father, but look on the bright side, the angel who sang The Facts of Life theme song is our grandma.


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