Ruby Rose put her assets on full display in an exceptionally low-cut dress during Beijing premiere.

Ruby Rose’s shark movie titled The Meg is being coined as the Jaws of a new generation. The 32-year-old’s choice in attire during the Beijing premiere, however, might have had the audience a little distracted.

According to Daily Mail, Rose stepped onto the red carpet of the premiere in an exceptionally low-cut dress. The low-cut dress left little to the imagination and put Rose’s bust on full display for the world to see. The sleeveless black and white striped dress gave a nice view of Rose’s tattooed arms as well.

The Beijing premiere of the film held a special meaning for fans as the movie was set to take place just 300 kilometers off the coast of China. The Meg tells the story of the 75-foot-long prehistoric shark called the Megalodon that was believed to be extinct. In the film, the prehistoric shark rises from the depths of the ocean – revealing it is very much still alive.

After making itself known, the Megalodon attacks a research submersible and leaves the research team stranded.

Unwinding after the premiere, Ruby went back to her hotel room and treated her Instagram followers to a photo shoot from the bathroom. Rose labeled the collection of pictures as her “bath series” noting that she couldn’t get over how the bathtub was the size of a swimming pool.

@maisonvalentino bath series .. because this bath was like a pool.

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In the four-photo collection, Ruby’s bust is on full display as the focal point of each picture. She opted for different poses in three of the photos and sat on the sink in the fourth photo, giving her fans a full-body shot of the dress. While the photo shoot has not accumulated much in the way of comments in the last 12 hours, her 12.6 million followers have liked her photos over 300,000 times.

Those who did comment on the photo couldn’t help but point out how “amazing” and “stunning” the actress looked. “YOU. LOOK. AMAZING. HOLY LORD,” one very excited Instagram user commented.

Chinese poster for @megmovie

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Rose also took to her Instagram story to share several snaps and video clips of her evening. Some were video clips and pictures of her and her co-stars on the red carpet. Some were pictures of herself in the bathroom after the premiere. In one short video clip, Ruby gave her followers a tour of the massive bathtub in her hotel room. She added a caption to the video noting that she really wanted to take a bath in the pool-sized tub, but she also was tired and really wanted to sleep.

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