Sarah Jessica Parker 'feeling sentimental' as And Just Like That wraps

Sarah Jessica Parker is ‘feeling sentimental’ on her ‘last walk as Carrie Bradshaw’ on the final day of shoot for Sex And The City revival series And Just Like That

The revival series of Sex And The City, And Just Like That, has been shooting in studios and out on the streets of New York City since June.

And with nearly five months having gone by, it appears Sarah Jessica Parker, her ladies, and on-again, off-again lover: Cynthia Nixon (Miranda), Kristin Davis (Charlotte) and Chis Noth (Mr. Big), just wrapped on the upcoming 10 episode season.

Having played Carrie Bradshaw on-and-off since SATC shot season one in 1997, Parker confessed she was ‘feeling sentimental’ on the final day she would be wearing the shoes of her beloved character.

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The final walk as Carrie: Sarah Jessica Parker, 56, took to Instagram on Monday and basicaly said this was the last day of the shoot for the upcoming 10 episode season of the Sex And The City revival series, And Just Like That…; the star is seen on the set of the series on Monday

With having done six seasons of Sex And The City (1998-2004), two followup movies (2008 and 2010), and now the new HBO show, And Just Like That, it’s no wonder Parker decided to chronicle her last moments on camera.  

‘This is my last walk, for now, as Carrie,’ the actress confessed from behind her camera, for a video she posted on Instagram on Monday.

‘Just wrapped an adventure and I’m feeling very sentimental,’ she said, with a slightly sad tone to her voice, before trying to find the right words to convey her feelings.

After a brief few seconds she finally added, ‘And that’s it – wow.’

Last walk: Parker chronicled her last moments playing Carrie Bradshaw in the new series with a short video she posted on her Instagram page on Monday, November 8

The final waltz: The clip showed Parker’s walk towards stage four of the studio where she shows is produced

Sentimental confessional: ‘This is my last walk, for now, as Carrie,’ the actress confessed from behind her camera, before adding, ‘Just wrapped an adventure and I’m feeling very sentimental. And that’s it – wow’

Winding down: The final day of the shoot appeared to be bittersweet for the leading lady, who was ready for a scene on Monday in a white dress and  brown blazer combo

Parker was spotted on the set in a white-patterned dress and brown blazer as she carried a few cloths items, like sweatpants, in her arms.

She was again seen in-between scenes wearing a purple blazer and long blue skirt combination on the final day of the shoot. 

Davis, 56, was her usual perky self when she arrived ready for work decked out in cream-colored dress and puffy overcoat.

As for Nixon, 55, stylists had her looking fashionable in olive-green pants, with a brown-patterned sweater and matching denim jacket.

Another outfit: Parker was again seen on the set on Monday, the final day of the shoot, in a long blue skirt and purple blazer combination

Perky: Kristin Davis, 56, was all smiles as she got ready to shoot her final scenes

Fall fashion: Stylists of the show had Cynthia Nixon, 55, looking fashionable for her final scenes

Parker and showrunner Michael Patrick King got the idea of a new chapter of Sex And The City story while discussing the idea of a podcast about the original show during the first couple months of the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in mid-March 2020.

Basically, they were intrigued at the prospect of seeing how coronavirus crisis, and all of the political and social strife of the times, would have affected the leading ladies. 

Like the original series, New York City will still be the focal point of the storyline, only this time through the lens of the pandemic and the subsequent fallout.  

While most of the gang is back, actress Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones on the original series and two movies, did not return for the new show.   

And Just Like That… is set to premiere on HBO Max in December 2021.  

The gang is back: Chris Noth, who plays Mr. Big, is back for the new series; he is pictured during Sunday’s shoot in New York City

The Sex And The City series ran for six seasons, and there was two movies in 2008 and 2010; Davis, Parker and Nixon are all back for And Just Like That, but Kim Cattrall (second right), who played Samantha Jones, did not return for the new show

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