Sean Penn, 59, marries girlfriend Leila George, 28, in secret ceremony

Sean Penn, 59, ‘marries Greta Scacchi’s daughter Leila George, 28, in secret ceremony’ after four years of dating

  • Sean Penn married his girlfriend Leila George in a secret ceremony, according to producer Mike Medavoy’s wife Irena
  • Irena congratulated the newlyweds on Instagram, where she posted various photos of the couple along with their wedding bands
  • Penn has previously been married to Madonna and Robin Wright 

Sean Penn has married his girlfriend Leila George, according to a friend of the Hollywood star. 

The Milk actor, 59, tied the knot with his 28-year-old bride in a secret ceremony following four years of dating, producer Mike Medavoy’s wife Irena revealed on Twitter. 

Taking to Instagram, Irena wrote: ‘We are so happy for @leilageorge #seanpenn getting married. We love you.’

Just married! Sean Penn has married girlfriend Leila George after three years of dating; pictured this January at a gala for his relief organization CORE

She added: ‘Thank you for being like family a son to mike we are over the moon to find your soul mate true partner @coreresponse true love that also changes the world for better.’ 

Irena concluded: ‘You are meant to be together God Bless you both and the family you have joined. Introducing the Penn’s #marriage’.

Her album included a picture of what appeared to be the couple’s hands wearing the rings. Leila wore what looked like the same ring this January when she and Sean attended a gala for his relief organization CORE. has contacted Sean’s representatives for comment.  

Sealing the deal: Her album included a picture of what appeared to be the couple’s hands clasped over one another wearing the rings

Leila is the daughter of Vincent D’Onofrio, who is just one year older than her new husband.

The happy couple got a congratulations message Saturday from Josh Brolin, who co-starred with Sean in Milk and Gangster Squad and will feature with him in the upcoming Flag Day.

‘Happy wedding lovebirds. Our salutations to a beautiful marriage. Sean and Leila,’ Josh posted to his Insta Stories. 

Sean, who was previously married to Madonna and Robin Wright, recently admitted he can be ‘difficult’ on a personal level.

I do! The Milk actor, 59, has tied the knot with his 28-year-old bride in a secret ceremony, Irena Medavoy – the wife of Black Swan producer Mike – has revealed 

He said on The Howard Stern Show in June: ‘Am I difficult? Yeah I think so. I will say I’m a person who feels and expresses energetically, I’ve misled people into thinking it’s all about me.’

Sean added: ‘I think the interview you’re talking about would be a lady named Leila George, she knows me better than I do on this level, that doesn’t mean I agree with her perceptions but I certainly find them fascinating.’

In that same conversation he referred to Leila as ‘the gal in my life.’ 

The longtime couple have been known to be an item since the autumn of 2016, when he was 56 years old and she was only 24. 

Throwback: Sean’s first wife was Madonna whom he was married to from 1985 to 1989; they are pictured in 1986 leaving a rehearsal for their play Goose And Tom Tom

Sean has two children by Robin – daughter Dylan, who is a year older than Leila, and son Hopper, who is two years younger than his new stepmother. 

Between the breakup of his latest marriage and his relationship with Leila, Sean was engaged to Charlize Theron. 

On The Howard Stern Show last month he shared that he is ‘aware’ he can be ‘difficult to like from afar’. 

He said of his reputation: ‘There’ve been several times I’ve worked with directors who I felt might have found a different job description, and perhaps weren’t the storytellers that their initial meetings with each of us actors might have indicated.’

Side by side: He was then married to Robin Wright from 1996 to 2010; they are pictured at the 2009 Oscars

Sean shared: ‘Actors are kind of canaries in the coal mine emotionally, and you have to go to whatever place is necessary inside yourself. 

He insisted: ”If you don’t have somebody there who at least respects that – most of what I was referring to is that the arrogance goes further than charm.’

Sean said: ‘I am aware that I can be a difficult person to like from afar, often. I sometimes think I have a great love affair but not too good with humans.’ 

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