Seth Meyers Reveals Kanye West Interrupted Awards Shows On ‘SNL’ Before 2009 VMAs

In his opening monologue, Seth Meyers revealed that Kanye West acted in a sketch about interrupting awards shows two whole years before he interrupted Taylor Swift!

Well, this is probably the most Kanye thing you’ll ever learn about Kanye West. During his opening monologue for SNL, Seth Meyers shared the following story about pitching Ye’ a sketch back when Seth was a writer on the variety show: “One time he was the musical guest, but we heard he wanted to do a sketch so we pitched him a sketch wherein he would interrupt different award show speeches, say they made a mistake and he should have won. And Kanye said, ‘That’s hilarious, ’cause I do that.’ Which is good self-awareness. And so we did this sketch, and had Kanye interrupt the Kids Choice Awards, the Nobel Prize. He interrupted the state fairs because he was upset his pumpkin didn’t win. Fantastic and great experience. But here’s the thing, here’s the reason I will never be surprised by Kanye. That sketch was in 2007, and he interrupted Taylor Swift in 2009.” Whoa, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Watch the opening monologue below!

During Adam Driver‘s opening monologue for the season premiere, Pete Davidson had a subtle and sly wink that was all about Ariana Grande. After Driver asked Davidson about his summer, since his summer was “the only summer” he really wanted to hear about, Pete remained quiet and — of course — winked. Of course, Davidson eventually broke that silence and would later talk more about his engagement on Weekend Update.

Meanwhile, Awkwafina‘s monologue was an homage to the variety show’s first ever female Asian American host: Lucy Liu. “I was a kid and I didn’t have a ticket, so I knew I wasn’t getting in,” Awkwafina said describing the process of lining up outside to see her host as an 11-year-old. “But I just wanted to be near the building. And I remember how important that episode was for me and how it totally changed what I thought was possible for an Asian American woman.”

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