Shawn Mendes Reveals Whether He’s Dating Anyone!

Shawn Mendes is looking so handsome on the cover of Variety‘s annual Power of Young Hollywood issue, which is out now.

Here’s what the 20-year-old “Lost in Japan” superstar had to say…

On his dating life: “I’m not currently dating anyone, but it’s not because I don’t have time — I don’t know if I’d be dating anyone if I was home in Pickering, either. It hasn’t stumbled across me, and I’m not chasing it. Of course, seeing all those other artists and people in relationships, you think, ‘Maybe it would be nice; who would be great for me?’ And that’s when you realize: ‘This is wrong. Let it be. I’m not supposed to be with anyone right now.’”

On how he cultivated his fanbase: “People forget how important groundwork is — physically being in every city, meeting people, like in a presidential campaign. I’ve known nothing but that since I was 15, so it’s not like I was at one time very private and now I have to be open. I’ve always been like that. I don’t find it hard or disruptive, and I think I’m OK with it — until I’m not, anyway.”

On where his drive and sense of self comes from: “Insecurity of being not grounded? I have amazing parents and incredible friends, but just as much, it comes from being scared — fear of becoming the one thing everybody tells you not to be.”

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