Stormy Daniels Pulled Out of Celebrity Big Brother, But Don't Worry Kirstie Alley Is Still There

Looks like Celebrity Big Brother UK just lost it’s biggest star which, for a show with the same prestige as the featured artist at a dive bar with no signage on the outside, is saying a lot. Deadline is reporting that THE Stormy Daniels has pulled out of the show at the last minute.

Stormy showed up to the UK to be a part of the month-long shoot, potentially having agreed to an initial fee of close to $1 million. For someone who fucked Donald Trump I approve of her getting a million. That’s a trauma from which only money can save you. Things didn’t end up shaking out that way, and she agreed to a measly $250, 000 for a full week of work. After Stormy did some preliminary taping, she ended up refusing to enter the house after “failing to agree to terms”. They probably asked her to describe Trump’s sexual activities in-depth and she refused to scar the people of the UK with such information. Good for you Stormy! Keep doing the lord’s work!

TMZ adds that there were reports that Stormy was getting $950,000 for her appearance and was asking for another $125,000 on top of it. Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti calls that a load of garbage. According to him, Stormy pulled out of the show because they wanted her to stick to a script and she’s an artist, okay? She can’t play pretend on a reality show. Someone else on the show said that Stormy is not a greedy mess but instead had a development in her custody battle with her ex, Glendon Crain, with whom she shares a 7-year-old daughter. Avenatti did agree that the custody stuff did “play a factor” in Stormy leaving Celebrity Big Brother.

Don’t cry too hard for the producers of Celebrity Big Brother, they still have a plethora of HUGE STARS including: model Chloe AylingBen Jardine from Married at First SightNatalie Nunn from Bad Girls Club’s, human Ken doll (who actually more resembles Yolanda HadidRodrigo Alves, , TV-psychic (which is different from real psychics, obviously) Sally MorganThe Only Way Is Essex’s Dan OsborneRoxanne Pallett who was on UK soap opera Emmerdale, chef and comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli, Liverpool footballer Jermaine PennantLove Island contestant Gabby Allen, someone described as a “rogue trader” named Nick Leeson and Coronation Street’s Ryan Thomas. Oh, and Kirstie Alley.

Kirstie had a lot to say about being on Celebrity Big Brother, and shockingly non of it had to do with Xenu:

“I’ve never been incarcerated and I’ve never been institutionalized, and I thought what better place to go than Big Brother Britain. I could experience prison in an institution without really having to go there…. I act a lot wilder and do a lot of things I wouldn’t do in the United States when I leave the country. … You sort of feel uninhibited when you’re in another country, like you get a free pass to do stupid things. So I thought it sounded like a good idea to come over here and do stupid things. I’ve lived long enough that I’ve seen it all … but I’m not very patient for people who are mean and crazy, so they will just have to be friends with the other mean and crazy people.”

Kirstie Alley has no patience for crazy? She must never look in mirrors. Also I am genuinely shocked she’s never been incarcerated or institutionalized. Two places I feel like she would really fit in.

While I’m sad that I’m going to miss out on the incredible dynamic and potential conversations Stormy could have had with Kirstie Alley (their Trump connection would have been enough to fuel the whole season alone), I’m happy to see that Stormy had the sense to back away from this mess. Avoid this clusterfuck girl. The sloppiest thing you should have to endure in life is sex with The Donald.

Check out all of the “celebrities” showing up to the Big Brother house below!

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