Suri Cruise Allegedly Wants To Be A Movie Star Like Her Parents — Will Dad Tom Help Her With Dream?

Following in her parents’ famous footsteps? Sounds like it! Suri has her sights set on acting, according to a new report, but what do Tom and Katie think?

We don’t blame Suri Cruise, 12 — we’d want to be actors too if our parents were Tom Cruise, 56, and Katie Holmes, 39. The girl’s got talent in her blood! Acting runs in the family, and Suri is ready to take on Hollywood, a source close to the fam told Us Weekly. “She’s caught the acting bug,” the insider said, adding that her mom is all for the idea. “She’s signed Suri up for one-on-one acting classes with an acting coach and she’s getting private singing and music classes too.” But while Katie has shown her support, it doesn’t sound like the tween’s dad is all for her heading for the big screen. In fact, the source said he feels she’s “a bit young,” which kind of makes sense considering he started his career at 19 in Endless Love.

So where did this desire come from? Apparently it was Suri’s 2017 set visit to her momma’s movie, The Kennedys: After Camelot, that set her acting goals in motion. “Suri loved the hair, makeup and wardrobe. It was clear that she belongs in front of the camera,” the outlet’s insider said. But while all of that makes sense, we honestly thought this little one would go into business after the New York City Pride Parade in June. She was quite the entrepreneur, after all! She and her friends sat behind a folding table selling lemonade that afternoon, driving a hard bargain at two dollars a cup! But hey, if performing is what she loves, she should go after it. We just hope her dad eventually gets behind the idea.

She wouldn’t be the first of his kids to go into acting! Who could forget that his adopted son, Connor Cruise, 23, had two roles four years apart in Seven Pounds and Red Dawn. His older sister Isabella Jane, 25, never followed in her famous parents’ footsteps, but it sounds like his younger one will. Good luck, Suri!

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