Rapper and actor T.I has issued a two-page letter to alert Lloyds of London, a U.K.-based syndicate insurance market located in London.

In June 2020, the long-established institution openly admitted to having benefited from the trans-Atlantic slave trade and vowed to henceforth recruit more minority employees and donate to charities that fight for the rights of minority groups.

“There are some aspects of our history that we are not proud of. This was an appalling and shameful period of British history, as well as our own, and we condemn the indefensible wrongdoing that occurred during this period,” the company stated.

In the letter, T.I. states that a mere apology simply won’t cut it, and that “commitment without tangible actions is merely lip service.”

T.I. demanded a “specific call to action that includes, but is not limited to direct reparations be made to the families who were ripped from their native lands and sold as property while your company profited from the whole shameful endeavor.”

He went on to state that he expects the company to have an action-plan in place by autumn of 2020.

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