Taylor Swift at the AMAs: Suck on THIS, Scooter!

The 2019 American Music Awards took place on Sunday night, November 24.

But, really, these could have been referred to as the 2019 American Music Awards Featuring Taylor Swift and her Latest Controversy Instead.

The beloved star made numerous headlines in the days leading up to the event, trashing producer Scooter Braun and his company for allegedly banning her from performing a medley of her greatest hits.

You can read about the scandal HERE.

In the end, Swift did, indeed, take to the stage as the main act at the AMAs, prior to earning this event's Artist of the Decade award.

Scroll down for a rundown of her memorable performance…

1.Speaking Now

2.Take This, Scooter?

3.A Female, Empowered

4.Who Cheered Her On?

5.Welcome, Halsey and Camila!

6.Slowing It Way Down

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