Taylor Swift Concert Ticket Disaster Spurs Tennessee AG Probe of Ticketmaster

Taylor Swift fans are outraged after waiting hours and shelling out big money just for a shot at getting tickets — and they’ve griped enough to spark a new antitrust investigation into Ticketmaster.

Ever since Tuesday, Swifties have been sounding off about the disastrous presale for Taylor’s upcoming tour, but Tennessee’s attorney general thinks this might go beyond whining Gen Zers … it could be a crime.

TN AG Jonathan Skrmetti says antitrust violations “could be an issue” for Ticketmaster. He’s concerned the company lacks competition … and with that, customers are left with sky-high prices and a poor experience getting tix.

Ticketmaster in Shambles After Taylor Swift Concert Purchase Chaos

Skrmetti questions Ticketmaster’s lack of preparation — he says given the company’s size, it should’ve been ready for the “unprecedented demand” from Taylor’s legion of fans. The woman commanded the Billboard Hot 100’s entire top 10, after all!!!

As we reported … Ticketmaster was in shambles as fans attempted to get their hands on a ticket to “The Eras Tour.” Potential buyers were left in limbo after the website crashed … and frankly, Ticketmaster’s explanation of why things went wrong didn’t make it any better.

Skrmetti’s concern is Ticketmaster doesn’t worry about pissing off fans — of Taylor or any other artist — because if they want to see a concert, there’s typically no avoiding Ticketmaster.

The A.G.’s office has received a number of complaints from customers who experienced a severe lack of customer support, while others said Ticketmaster told them to wait 5 days for a response.

The good news for Swifties is you can still get Taylor tix, but the bad news is it’s probably gonna cost ya a lot more on sites like StubHub.

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